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Samsung QLED 8K and 4K TVs will be available from May


Samsung QLED 8K and 4K TVs will be available from May

Samsung Electronics Co announced today that the QLED 2019 television line will be available in the Middle East and North Africa from May 2019.

QLED 8K 2019 televisions, which won a prestigious CES 2019 award, are equipped with proprietary Samsung Quantum processors.

Samsung's Quantum processor automatically provides a lower resolution from any source to 8K. That's why users may have high-quality images, regardless of their image quality. origin The Quantum processor will also be available in Samsung's QLED 4K models, thanks to the full QLED 2019 television line.

Presented by Samsung Electronics as the first industry, its quantum learning processor processor uses artificial intelligence capabilities to measure and compare millions of low resolution sources that help calibrate and optimize them. 8K quality content, regardless of the original format.

Conventional image quality conversion technology had limited restoration capabilities, which commanders promised. However, the quality of Samsung 8K AI images offers conversion precision and efficiency, since the Quantum processor is similar and formalizes the formula itself. These advances in image quality are evident in wide-screen TVs, where high resolution and clarity are presented.

" We are pleased to bring you the next generation of Samsung TV technology in the MENA region and we are delighted to offer our QLED 8K 2019 QLED 8K 2019 television television shows. Sungwan Myung has said, head of the Samsung Electronics Office. " We have committed ourselves to providing the best visual experience on the market and with our QLED 8K television artificial intelligence. "

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With Samsung's QLED TV Quantum processor, functions like New Bixby will fit into the intelligent platform to provide consumers with more natural interactions with their television.

Samsung's QLED TVs also offer useful everyday information, such as time, weather and news, or display of content, including photos and images, in Environmental mode. This allows the user to decorate the environment and their environment according to their preferences.

The best image quality, visual angle and blackness significantly improved

With the Ultra Display Atoki News technology, Samsung's QLED 2019 televisions will allow backlight even with indirect television panels, enhanced panel structure and screen calibration algorithms. on television It offers an amazing quality of images, regardless of the angle of vision, without shining and brightness in the day and in the rooms.

In addition to improving the quality of image in 2019, direct correction matrix models have almost doubled over the previous year. The Full Array technology puts the rear LED lights on the panel to achieve precise control of the brightness, allowing the light to be adjusted individually to create deeper blacks.

Algorithms that know and adjust black color analyze the characteristics of each scene in real time to control light distribution and black ratios to control light and help QLED 2019 play a great role. black color

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