Monday , November 29 2021

Société Générale Maroc is a 100% PRO-TPE agency for a unique customer experience!


After opening its new flagship agencies (” FLAGSHIP ” agency, ” YOUTH ” agency …), Societe Generale Maroc is expanding its customer proximity system, opening the space dedicated to customers to Professionals and VSEs.

Taking advantage of its strategic location in the heart of the Maarif district, the Casablanca Twin Center agency is being renovated and becomes an agency that provides professionals (liberal professions, business managers, traders and artisans) and VSE customer service. .

Tailor-made offers and full support for proximity, listening and advice make up the brand of the new 100% PRO-TPE agency.

The bank reaffirms its desire to support its professionals and VSE clients by offering a center of specialization in financing, renting, insurance, day-to-day banking services … Enhanced value proposition through a simple approach. and looking at the customer.

” The 100% PRO-TPE agency is the embodiment of the values ​​of the new relationship model placed within the “Avenir 2019-2022″ transformation plan. The aim is, among other things, to make the bank even easier and more accessible in order to increase the relationship with the customer with greater proximity. ” Mehdi Benbachir, General Manager – Societe Generale Morocco.

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