Thursday , December 9 2021

The Mac App Store opens with Apple Silicon Mac apps for Mac


This is one of the special features of the Apple Silicon Mac released today: they can run iOS apps in addition to those designed for macOS. By default, the Mac App Store will host all apps in the App Store, except those explicitly blocked by their developers.

We received the first Macs with the Apple M1, which confirms that the Mac App Store with an integrated App Store is open. There are already many applications mentioned in another tab when searching. By default, the MacOS app presents stores:

By default, search results display macOS applications …

Clicking the “iPhone and iPad apps” button will activate the iOS apps preview. According to this request, we will find the Overcast podcast player, an application that was previously saved for iPhone and iPad and now works on Mac. There are also some competing apps, like Castro or Castbox, all of which were previously saved for iOS.

… But you can switch to iOS apps with one click.

If the iOS app has an interface optimized for iPad, it will be displayed on macOS and you can resize the window to look like a macOS app. Alternatively, we have an interface dedicated to the iPhone in a small window of fixed size. You also have to deal with a cut-out presentation for the touch screen, but in that sense, it’s not too embarrassing. In addition, these windows inherited from iOS typically appear on macOS, especially with Mission Control and Shortcut ⌘⇥.

After a few minutes of research, the collection of iOS apps offered by the Mac App Store seems pretty large. It should be noted that the applications are defaulted there if the developer does nothing about their inconvenience. This also allows you to install the TousAntiCovid application on a Mac, as well as enable contact tracking on your computer. Who knows, maybe it will be useful in an amphitheater?

Best anti-virus for MacOS?

In fact, we saw Facebook’s iOS app on the Mac App Store. Is it a mistake? Along with Google, he was one of the big players thinking of removing iOS apps from the Mac App Store. That’s the exception rather than the rule, however, all Instagram and Google apps are missing. It was also impossible to find Netflix, even though in the end the app had to be there.

Surprisingly, Facebook’s iOS app is in the Mac App Store.
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