Monday , November 29 2021

The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5: Julien Tanti kicks off the evening of trouble, Victoria kisses Ilan and Mujdat, takes Marine El Himer … Repetition of episode 57


Problems were very present throughout the 57th episode of Marseille and the rest of the 5th in the World to the delight of Julien Tanti!

After being expelled by Charlotte during the 56th episode of Marseillais, she is isolated with Ines Illan against the rest of the 5 countries in the World. He is moved by the gesture he wants to save. And they are reuniting. For her part, Eloise explains to Nacca that she has no intention of forgiving him. Worse still, he plans to play hard in the problem game! Nacca is impressed! For her part, Julien Tanti is preparing for her evening and is as excited as a child on Christmas Eve. For this new problem game, he starts seeing his brother, since he invited Victoria! Surprising for Paga, but also for Illan, who fell in love with him.

Victoria – Credits: W9

Illan is the first to pay the price for the problem of the game, as he has to kiss Victoria for 5 seconds. If he refuses, he will have to drink the famous not very pleasant cocktail of Marseilles. Illan agrees and Inès is wild. In the afternoon, Victoria found Paga a trafficker and Océane a liar. Marine El Himer was then angry with Vivi. She has no way of talking badly about her twin sister! Then a huge debate breaks out between the two young women. In fact, the root of the problem is still Benjamin Samat. We remind you that a few months ago Victoria kissed Benjamin.

In the afternoon
Illan – Credits: W9

For her part, Eloise refuses to kiss Nacca. A refusal that surprises the young man. And when he agrees to kiss Paga, Nacca falls naked. But Eloise backs away and refuses to kiss Pagari. Nacca goes crazy and Eloise starts scolding her a bit. It still turns the situation around a bit! During the game, Mujdat and Victoria will also pick up a bit. After a short break, Julien Tanti welcomes her second guest: Milla Jasmine! Tomorrow, a huge debate will break out between him and Mujdat. First, we’ll let you know if you know Marine El Himer and her career well on TV.

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