Thursday , September 24 2020
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Wafa Assurance will monitor two insurance companies


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The insurance company Wafa Assurance has signed an agreement with Pro Assur SA insurances and Pro Assur Life insurance companies, which are both Cameroon's life and non-life.

The statement by Wafa Assurance, Yabiladi arrived on Thursday, and said that double operation, which most give to both companies in Wafa Assurance, Pro Assur SA, "acquisition and increase of shares". Simultaneous Capital, 65% of voting rights to increase the ownership title of Wafa Assurance and 65% of voting rights, "said Instruction. In the case of Pro Assur Vie," the purchase of a control block is 89.4% of the company's shares and the right to vote. "

"The ambition of this merger is to be a major player in Pro Assur Cameroon insurance," said the statement, both of which are under the control of the oversight authorities and the Moroccan insurance sector. Cameroon.

In the Cameroon branch, through the branch of Wafa Assurance Vie, Cameroon allows them to acquire these two companies to complete and strengthen their system in Wafa Assurance in this country.

In Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire and Cameroon, Wafa Assurance plans to continue developing in other African continent countries, trusting in their specialization and world position. Morocco's insurance has ended with a statement from the subsidiary of the Attijariwafa bank group.

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