Wednesday , July 6 2022

Westbrook’s amazing explanation behind his new issue


In the Thunder or Rockets, Russell Westbrook always wears a “0” on the back of the jersey. Not in the Wizards, as the leader decided to make a small change. Why? His explanation is valid, albeit surprisingly.

After a brief stint with the Rockets, Russell Westbrook he quickly felt that his role in Texas was not good. A few weeks ago, therefore, he asked to go to his leaders, even if it means trying to tour de force… That worked. He will play for the Wizards next season, and especially alongside Bradley Beale.

The leader hopes to recover there after a complicated year in Houston. Even though his stats were generous (over 27 points on average), Russo could have done better and found it difficult to find his feet. He hopes it will be different in the capital.

To do this, he opted for a number change. Amazing when you know that Gilbert Arenas gave him permission From the start of his NBA career he always had to wear a “0”. He explained to the media why he chose 4 instead of 4, and it’s almost amazing.

Westbrook explained that he could take 0, but wanted to return to the starting number at 4. The 4th was taken at OKC and Houston, and that’s a performance for whoever plays it.

There, Westbrook talks about his family. Surprisingly, the number 0 seemed to have always been his favorite. It’s actually 4, as he explained in an interview with Jordan in 2017:

“My favorite number has always been four because it’s the number of people in my family: my little brother, my mom, and my dad. Of course, my family now has more than four members.

My family is always there for important events. Even if my loved ones are not physically there, I talk to them before and after each game, and I know that they are looking at me and thinking they are with me. One member of my family doesn’t push me any more than another. Everyone encourages me and everyone influences me. “

There you have it, you know why Russell Westbrook chose 4, and why not by chance. Let’s hope for him that this figure will allow the Witches to be revived.

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