Sunday , December 5 2021

When Cyril Hanouna calls Aya Nakamura live to find out why he didn’t go last Friday’s “Everyday”


Aya Nakamura has been at the center of several debates since Friday, mainly because “Quotidien’s group has planted them in TMC, obviously without bothering to warn Yann Barthes’s team, but also because of this organized party. He released his party without a mask but also without any social distance.

Yesterday, in the film “Touche pas à mon poste”, Cyril Hanouna wanted to understand what was happening and called the singer directly by phone.

“Who is it?”, He started taking the singer for the first time, a little annoyed, before he calmed down in front of the praise of the host: “For me you are the greatest artist of the moment. I swear to you, you are a star. you wait after the performances, you don’t care about the chops! put on dancers you don’t like and you don’t go to the Quotidien, that’s all! “

But the singer wanted to correct Cyril Hanouna’s words: “It has nothing to do with the dancers and I have nothing against the Daily. As I tweeted, I had something to do, I have nothing for the Day!” , especially when the singer was celebrating with his friends at the same time, no doubt about what he had to do with the album “at the time”.

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