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Women do not tolerate, but they creep as much as men

That will restore the balance in the bedroom. Article published in March Journal of Clinical Sleep MedicineThe researchers end their myth: man does not do anything for women.

In order to achieve this conclusion, Nimrod Maimon, Israeli Ben Gurion University of Israel and his colleagues, analyzed about 2,000 people aged 49,000. The result: "It appeared that women and men are as rigid as other people", the equivalent intensity seems to be about 50 decibels, the study notes. On the contrary, "do you think you're mad?" The answer was that the response was imbalanced because women did not answer more than men. And yet: there was no doubt about 28% of women, almost half an hour ago, researchers laugh.

Although the rumors are very annoying for others, it does not matter to your health. However, when rigid are frequent and loud, sleep apnea may be a sign that 5% and 7% of the population officially affect the condition.

Quality of sleep and health impact

This syndrome appears in unwanted stomachs when you sleep. These respiration lasts more than ten seconds and sometimes it occurs several times during frequencies. If there are over five in general, serious problems are considered. Sometimes more than thirty times occur.

Sleep apnea affects not only resting the rest (the respiratory tract helps to regenerate normal respiration and the subconscious mutagenic mechanism has microsarapses), but it can also be dangerous. In fact, when the breathing is interrupted, it causes the heart and increases the risk of heart arrhythmias and stroke. Therefore, the rumor is not possible to pose a real problem, an investigative researcher alert.

Since women are not snoring than men, they are less consulted for this symptom. And yet, the research proves: they are less damaged, undiagnosed, and therefore less tolerated. "Nimrod Maim has warned that women are one of the barriers to sleeping in clinics." "This contradiction means that the number of women can be increased by going to the sleep clinic and improving the female's apnea rate among women," says research.

Dental machines and appliances are used to treat sleep apnea

And you do not know how to swipe, other signs of sleep can be alleviated by apnea possible, the researchers say. The symptoms of this illness are also fatigue, headache, daily difficulties, sleepiness and low libido.

Another serious serious effect was another study carried out last February: memory loss. Australian researchers in the project say that the search for brainwashing people with sleep apnea shows a significant loss in gray areas on autobiographical gray memory. "In the end, this lack of memory would be more depressed by the patients.

Also, if you are afraid of sleep apnea, you can go to a medical clinic that could take you to a specialist. Because it treats this disorder very well. Among the proposed solutions include: an air management machine or a dental device to prevent the cephalopod and prevent ventilation. It also happens that if the jaw is too small, surgery is proposed. Concerning rumors two years ago, a group of researchers developed a simple patch to enter the mouth to overcome it. They also help to reduce some language exercises.

In the end, remember that obesity, alcohol or some drug taking in the anxiolytic or sleep disorder groups aggravates snoring and sleep apnea.

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