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YM Afrika contributed over 800,000 young people – Le1

Developing a wide range of guidance tools, research funding, employability and entrepreneurship, YM Afrika has lived in thousands of students and leaders in Morocco. Based on an approach focused on developing training and employability, Young Startup continues to push. In 2018 more than 800,000 young people helped.

Launching Youth Media in Africa (YM Africa), known as "Marruecos aprendices", has made a 2018 balance. More than last year 800,000 young people They have been guided and helped to integrate them into professional care.

The diversity of the tools it has set in place has enabled young companies to complete all the stages of their employability in order to obtain the right training. During the last financial year, YM Africa It has developed seven web applications among young people between 15 and 25. High school student guide, site, can be consulted by visitors 2,500 records positions and business trials. Platform, to notify something less in itself 10,000 scholarships both in Morocco and abroad, as well as in the offer of banks.

Another application is available on the web Students provide information on events organized by the most important private schools in the kingdom to develop soft skills. Site, In the meantime, contact more 400,000 students along with 35,000 recruiter On the 2018 site, another product YM Africa, allowing young organizations to get in touch with organizations specialized in funding and support.

YM Africa also offers numerous solutions for companies, schools and universities. Among these, Recruiting Solutions is an online application that helps companies to help future students and young winners in less than 7 days. Solutions Trademark of the entrepreneurThey intend to develop brand-name communication companies and corporate brands. Three other applications have been developed. This is Employability solutions to help schools provide students with the location, Winning solutions, graduate promotion management and an online tool Studies and Studies Solutions and Communication solutions Correct 15-25 age group.

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