Monday , November 29 2021

Answers to the most in-depth questions following the press conference NOW


Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) gave a press conference on Tuesday evening, in which several relaxations were announced, and on what days it will be mandatory to wear a mouth mask in public spaces inside the Netherlands. In this article, NUjij provides answers to the questions that often come to our platform.

Can’t group lessons be taught in gyms?
Yes, the group lessons have started again. Lessons were temporarily suspended, but Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge see no reason to delay the “hard expiration date”.

Oral masks should also be worn in churches and theaters, and is that in force?
A mouth mask should be used in theaters, shops, museums and hospitality establishments from December, when the provisional measures of the COVID-19 law come into force. Nothing is known yet about a possible masking requirement in churches, but the cabinet has said it will provide additional information.

Establishments can enforce themselves from December onwards, but agents and boes can also be strictly controlled due to legal requirements.

Why are the Netherlands calming down measures while the surrounding countries are blocked?
Country policies cannot be compared to each other because each country is very different. In addition, each country has chosen a different approach to the crown virus. For example, Germany is taking more measures than the Netherlands because its eastern neighbors are based on other features of the pandemic.

Can more than thirty people be allowed to attend the funeral on Thursday?
Yes. Up to 100 people can attend the funeral. A maximum of thirty people apply to other indoor spaces where attendees are seated.

Why doesn’t the government strictly adhere to the self-developed roadmap?
According to Prime Minister Rutte, the roadmap is not designed to “determine the exact timing of each package of measures”. If the roadmap were to be followed closely, nothing would be possible until mid-January, Rutt said. “Not required.”

Legal barriers to applying for masquerade and what does the measure have to do with the partial ban on face-covering clothing?
The “tug-of-war,” as Prime Minister Rutte called the process, had to be resolved by the cabinets before the mandatory masks could take effect. It is not clear exactly what steps have been taken.

More information on how to wear spectacular masks and where to wear masks will be followed.

There is a negative travel tip: why are Belgians and Germans still allowed to come to the Netherlands?
The cabinet has retained an extra position for border traffic. The argument goes that students and individuals who have to cross the work limit should do so without additional difficulty. The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium do not recommend arranging unnecessary cross-border trips, such as shopping.

How many people are allowed in the car? Has that changed?
Prime Minister Rutte and Crown Minister De Jonge said on Tuesday evening that the country house could once again be made up of groups of four people from different houses, and three guests at home. Nothing is said about how many people are allowed in a car.

What is the public space inside and does the rule also apply if someone does not move within that space?
The cabinet includes large-scale shops, schools, supermarkets, museums, restaurants and theaters, among other things, under public indoor spaces, which are places where people can walk freely. The Cabinet would like to provide more information on mandatory mouth plugs soon.

Nowadays, it is an urgent advice to wear a mask constantly. This rule is unlikely to change when a national obligation is introduced.

I have asthma and can’t always afford a mouth mask, what should I do?
The government has stated that wearing a mouth mask is not always possible for medical reasons, for example. The exception is therefore for people who are unable to wear an oral mask due to a disability (visible or invisible).

How much can the decline in crown numbers be explained with the use of commercial testing laboratories?
In short, that is not clear. Providers of commercial crown tests should report positive crown tests to GGDs, but previous research One today it was seen that this is not yet centrally organized and that the process is difficult.

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