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Apple tries iPhones with three cameras and a USB-C connection & # 39; | ORAIN

Apple can add three camera lenses to the back of new iPhones. Apple tests a USB-C port on a Lightning port.

IPhon offers three new lens cameras to incorporate new iPhones back this year, writes a well-informed news agency Bloomberg Wednesday. Apple replaces Lightning instead of a regular USB-C connection.

In September this year, Apple comes with the heirs of XS and XS Max iPhone, telling insiders. The largest model has three cameras on the back. It will also be a new version available for iPhone XR.

From 2020 onwards, iPhones may have a new camera system that captures their environments for 3D lasers. Bloomberg The system will work in the field of 4.5 meters.

In the latest iPhones, Apple works with a Face ID 3D camera. This face recognition makes 3D faces of users face unlocking, but works at a maximum distance of 0.5 meters.

The system would enhance the enhanced reality (AR) version on iPhone, since the device more specifically places virtual objects in space. It would be better to see the depth of photographic fields too. According to this Bloomberg The 3D camera system is possible with Apple having an eyeglasses goggle glass.

New iPad comes in

In addition to new iPhones, Apple wants to release the new iPad Mini, writes it Bloomberg. Previously, the instructions were found earlier this week in iOS 12.2 beta source code.

Apple wants iPad Pro to update in the spring of 2020. The tablet will also be equipped with a 3D camera system.

Dark mode for iOS 13

The company will work in a new dark way for the iOS 13, a new version of the mobile operating system that should be featured this year. The mode would be set on the operating system, so the phone seems brighter in the darkness.

In addition to the dark way, CarPlay would also be upgraded. With this system, iPhones can connect to the car's systems. IPads would be up to date on the home screen, but I do not know how it will happen.

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