Monday , November 29 2021

Christmas at the time of the crown: According to the government, everything depends on the coming weeks


Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge have just said at a press conference about the approach to the crown virus. Ruth and De Jon said the decision on that will be made on Dec. 8. The measures can then be relaxed from mid-December.


“What we want to do is see in mid-December if we can give more space to Level 2 indicators,” De Jonge said. “That means entering ten ICUs a day or 3,600 new infections a day. Only then can we think about spreading it again. We expect it in mid-December. Then we can do something we want so badly.”

The goal is to reach level 1. According to De Jonge, it is expected to be achieved by mid-January if the figures continue to fall.

Try it without complaint

Mandatory mouth plugs will be introduced on December 1 and from the same date it is possible to test yourself without complaint if you have been in contact with a sick crown. If it appears that there is no contamination after the five-day quarantine test, that person may go outside as usual.

Now, you have to be in quarantine for ten days after the relationship, and you can’t take the test without complaint.

The size of the group has expanded

The crown rules set two weeks ago will automatically expire from tomorrow. This means that the size of the group will expand again. If a maximum of two people are picked up at home first, three will go home tomorrow.

The size of the group allowed outside is four people.

Open it again

In addition, museums, libraries, amusement parks, zoos, concert halls, casinos, swimming pools and music venues can reopen this week. For these locations, the restrictions that were in place in recent months still apply. This means that a maximum of thirty people apply and reservations for a certain period of time are mandatory.

Gym lessons in groups will be re-admitted, but will be limited to groups of four, with a maximum of thirty people.

Fons Lambie: “The cabinet is very careful, because it is afraid of the third wave”

Political journalist Fons Lambie has seen the cabinet struggling with the decision to calm down around Christmas. “They’re afraid to make a promise now that they’ll have to come back later. They’re afraid to relax too much and then start a third wave in 2021. The only thing that can be done today is a tight squeeze done two weeks ago. It can be lifted. But that’s very little relaxation.”

The partial lock will therefore remain in place. “The hospitality industry needs to be closed for a while,” Lambie says. “No decision on this is expected until early December. Some Hague expects restaurants to be able to open from mid-December, but it’s still not that far off.” According to Lambie, there is high hope now for increased testing capacity. “They also want to test people without complaints and shorten the quarantine.”

Lambie says there has been a bit less discussion in the cabinet in recent weeks. “There’s not much fighting in the cabinet today, but there are complaints and grievances. Such as why the vaccine should take a year to pass and why the roadmap doesn’t work, with the increase in crown measures and the gradual disappearance. There are no difficult measures to take today, but they are coming the decisions to be made in a matter of weeks are almost easy, perhaps even more difficult. At what pace can things be left behind? “

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