Monday , July 4 2022

Christmas family fight: “Try to see the crown as an ordinary enemy”


The holiday interpretation angered Maud of Den Bosch with her sister. “On boxing day, we usually eat with my sister and the rest of the family. Now my dad and mom are on the risk team, so this year they prefer not to do that. Grandma doesn’t want to sit alone. And my sister thinks of everything. But convulsive and nonsense, ”says Maud, because the full name is known to the editors.

Mauden would rather meet her sister, Maud herself would like to be careful. “And my stepmother doesn’t understand why my sister wants to reunite because she’s pregnant and needs to be careful,” she sighs. “After some irritation, we decided to end Boxing Day.”


According to the psychologist, this friction cannot be avoided. “The fact is that the crown is that, very annoying, that’s our common enemy at the moment. No one has asked for it to complicate the holiday. You can’t blame anyone in your family for that,” Niks says. “When you feel that you are strictly complying with the measures or that all of this is excessive, the situation is unpleasant for everyone.

According to Niksen it is good to express this to each other. “If you notice together that no one has asked for that, you can look further afield. Crown measures say nothing about your family relationships. By saying that, you can remove insecurity from family members.”

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