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Days Gone Review – Bikers in a zombie apocalypse


Day gone

Days Gone has strong elements but alternates fewer moments. It's a pity because of the photographed rate and the sound problems. Additionally, real units that follow the game play disappear over time. There may be no malfunction of game features, as well as items known from other games. However, this does not change the way that these popular items are known as Days Gone. It's sneaking and it's still exciting and the players regularly run their lives after a horde of freakers. While gradually recognizing the world of the game, the threat of these zombies is always outstanding, which gives them a pleasant atmosphere. PlayStation 4 gamers can not get bored with Days Gone, but the game is not approaching Sony Computer Entertainment's high-quality titles.

Last rating

Tweakers says: 7.5

Sony Computer Entertainment's own studio has created a great track record in recent years. The titles like Spider-Man and God of War were very successful last year, and you can look back a little more like the classic Uncharted series and The Last of Us. Therefore, it is reasonable for the gamer to pay attention when Sony publishes a new game for his game. Days Gone is the next row in the game. This game was played by an unknown bend studio by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This developer is the most popular two decades ago, the Siphon Filter series was almost popular. Then, Bend Studio played two unplayable games for PlayStation Vita. Days Gone is the debut of the first PlayStation 4.

<p class = "b3" style = "contains: function (t) {return-1Days Gone trailer posted by Sony PlayStation.

Days Gone is a survival. Certainly it has some horror tips, but it's not enough to survive & # 39; to talk about. The player puts the player in the world where a virus explosion has become the largest part of humanity. There are several types of versions. It is clear that this event has changed the world. The rest of the people fortify themselves in places where they try to settle, such as good and bad, to live among Freakers and human bandits that frighten the world of the game.

In the midst of chaos, you will discover Deacon and Boozer, two bikes gathered in a "twin" coated by Mongrels. When the problems began, Deacon and Boozer survived, but Deacon touched the love of his life. The last thing he saw with Sarah's motorcycle mouse was that he was injured by an army helicopter. Since then, all the traces are missing. Two years have passed since then, it is difficult for Sarah to survive. However, Deacon still has hope.

This hope goes ahead and gives a glance. In the literal sense, this horizon is also there. Boozer and Deacon must leave the field they are running. However, they need the necessary resources. In order to take them, they do some extravagant work for the surrounding camps. Such dangerous goods transport and / or Freakers or normal bandits are shut down. Death is at all corners, and the state's imbalance stands out. Days Gone is not an entertaining game, it's much clearer soon.

However, the atmosphere has not lost any effect. As a player, you feel the feeling you are browsing in an abandoned building. In the vicinity, the "Swarmers" of a large group – while the zombies are close, make the slightest noise, they will be ready if you make noise. There is an oppressive turn in the way of a post-apocalyptic game about a zombie explosion.

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