Monday , November 29 2021

Diplo is now denying pornographic revenge against allegations of sexual assault


Diplo says he is not guilty of transgressive sexual behavior. The American DJ and producer through his lawyer informs the American media that the accusations are wrong and that he has not threatened any pornographic revenge to remove the charge from the table.

Earlier this week, it was learned that a woman had applied for a restraining order against Diplo. According to his lawyer, he did this because the DJ shared the accusation because he threatened revenge for releasing porn.

It would be a picture that only women and Diplo have. According to an unknown Twitter user Rolling Stone a nude photo of a woman shared on a social network.

Diplo has denied all charges, saying he and his family have been harassing women for a year, his lawyer said. “My client has not broken the law in any way,” Bryan Freedman said. “He has repeatedly made it clear that he does not want anything to do with this person and that he wants to end this harassment against his family.”

According to the woman, she does not tell what happened between her and Diplo. He talks about “disgusting things” on Twitter. For now, he has no plans to share his story publicly, but was forced to apply for a restraining order after the threats.

The judge will rule on the case on Dec. 8.

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