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What do cookies do?

Websites are in front of cookies. They are small files that are placed on your computer and store information about your site's visit. Despite the negative media's media, cookies are very useful. For example, we still do not follow the priorities set up on our site.

In addition to these necessary cookies for the proper functioning of the site, you can also receive cookies from other parts that provide parts of this site. For example, the cookie can only be used to show only one particular ad.

Can Cookies never It is used to read private data from your computer or store passwords. Also, they can not infect a computer with a virus or trojan. That's why it's completely safe, and in the 90's, almost all websites around the world have been used.

When you visit FOK. (And almost all other websites), you can expect the following types of cookies:

– Functional cookies

Cookies necessary to use FOK, for example, to log in and remember your preferences.
FOK! You can set cookies with your username, settings for your session, specific followers and screen options, to "accept the cookies to accept the authorization" token "," accept_all_cookies "to save your cookie option

– Advertising companies cookies

Advertising companies measure successful campaigns, measure the possible interests and preferences of visitors (sounds, ads, and display, etc.) that measure how you read cookies. If the advertising company has banners on various websites, the data on these websites can be combined to create a better profile. For example, advertisers can place cookies on multiple sites, so they get an accurate image of the user's interests. This allows you to advertise and show important ads. For example, after visiting a website, you can get banners on other sites for products you like or similar products. The website owner may also use these cookies no view
In FOK! cookies advertisements webads, groupm server, turn, openx,, trustee, doubleclick focus, bluekai, adnetik, valueclick, emediate, evon, hottraffic, adnexus, m4n, daisycon, viglink, adsense, doubleclick, comments, appnexus, zanox, google, stir, valueclick, linkedin, digidip, inpagevideo, vmg, sanoma.

– Website exam cookies

To track your visit statistics, we use Google Analytics. This system continues the pages of our visitors, where they come from and click, which browsers and screen resolution they use and much more. We use this information to get better picture of our visitors and optimize our site. Google offers this service, which uses information and publishing an advertising profile that allows advertising-led advertising.
FOK! It uses Google Analytics, hottraffic, bluekai and Scorecard.

– Cookies from other external aspects

Apart from the above, there are more ingredients that can give a cookie. Content partners often use what their users' assets are and how they perform their services. Think of movies like services like YouTube, flickr or picasa, and "similar" buttons on social networks like twitter or facebook.
In FOK! We use Facebook, Hyves, Twitter, Trustee, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo Flickr, LastFM, Google Maps, AppNexus, AddThis (and therefore cookies).

To visit the FOK. It is necessary to place external cookies. Then you can choose the option of many outsourced companies, cookies about this provider are not allowed. Https:// can be done at the same time as many advertisers. You can also read where cookies are used. You can also configure your browser so that all cookies on the sites you visit are supported. How to do this can be found in your browser's support function.

Scroll down for a closer look at the information provided by FOK. Used cookies

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