Monday , November 29 2021

Haarlemmermeer has suffered the hardest blow in the crown crisis Financial


This is evident from figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The Haarlemmermeer region had the largest economic contraction of all the regions in the Netherlands in the third quarter, falling by 19% to 21% compared to last year.

“This region is largely dependent on aviation and related services,” according to Statistics Netherlands. Schiphol, KLM and other aircraft organizations have hit the crisis hard. In the second quarter, the Haarlemmermee region’s economy shrank by 27% and 29%, respectively.

Amsterdam also hit hard

The Amsterdam region has been hit hardest after Haarlemmermer. In the third quarter, the Amsterdam economy shrank by 6-7% a year earlier. In the previous quarter, when the blockade came under the influence of the crown, the economy shrank by 12-14%. Statistics The Netherlands has attributed the economic downturn in Amsterdam largely to the hotel and hospitality industry and travel agencies.

Twelve of the 52 regions barely had a crown crisis in the third quarter. There, the reduction was limited to a maximum of 1%. Not all sectors are badly in crisis and some regions are economically focused on that. For example, energy companies in East Groningen, Overig Zeeland and Central Flevoland are doing quite well. Wholesalers in Utrecht-West, Veluwe, Almere and Flevoland-Midden benefit and insurance companies and slaughterhouses in Veluwe in Southwest Drenthe

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