Wednesday , December 8 2021

Is this distrust of the crown vaccine necessary?


Distrust among young people

The spread of the second wave began mainly among young people, and this is precisely the group that is least willing to be vaccinated and where that will has also fallen the most. 70% of young people who do not want to be vaccinated believe that the vaccine is ready too early and are therefore suspicious, and 36% have doubts. This is why, according to Tostmann, it is important to clearly explain why the vaccine is safe and for the government to answer questions from the population. “I understand the fear, but it’s not justified. Some of the steps in the process have been completed faster, but that doesn’t mean the process is incomplete.”

That’s right, says Ton de Boer, chairman of the Committee for the Evaluation of Medicines (SEM). “Development is going faster, but it’s not skipping a step. We see everything we normally need to see for evaluation.” The SEM evaluates the quality, impact and safety of vaccines.

Nieuwsuur used to talk to people who wanted or didn’t want to be vaccinated before. Sandra Helmus explains in this video why she thinks it’s better to survive a disease than to be vaccinated against it. Christ van Eekelen, 68, lost two people to the crown and will now be vaccinated:

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