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Johan Derksen: & # 39; new Humberto presenter Football Inside & # 39; | entertainment


Earlier this week, the football analyst warned Wednesday that the "deepest secret" was a football debate program that was recorded Humberto – "Due to its enormous success RTL Late Night"- will take over the presentation.

Johan Derksen, Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp (s.n.)

Johan Derksen, Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp (s.n.)

Wessel de Groot

He's gone today Derksen in it 538 radio get into something deeper. "When did we go? John de Mol he went, we wanted the namefootball Inside, ed.), because that would be easy. RTL did not want that, because they wanted to continue with that program. And that's really mad, because they've never been named International Football and invented our publishing house, Kees go nijnatten. "

half scientific

The former player adds: "But RTL always wants to start its show and Humbert will listen to it. It goes on Sunday night football Inside to do it I want to succeed and that's why they're right for everyone. "

Request for the presenter Frank Dane What he expects from this program, Derks is clear. "There's nothing. We're not seen as a competition. Look, football talk programs are the same. There's a semi-scientific debate about" high pressure "and" hanging outspeakers "as if it were math. You need to look at it, then you will automatically enter it, which separates us from the chemistry in the table, which is the only program where people are spiritually independent. "

Simon Zijlemans

On Thursday afternoon, RTL did not respond to statements made by Johan Derksen. You know through the spokesperson From Telegraaf: "It is true that we're talking about a new sports program. There are a lot of people singing, but we do not want to leave the content of this program at this time."

In addition to Humberto Tan, among others Simon Zijlemans, Bart Nolles and Marcel Meijer they have been nominated for the new program.

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