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Loeki de Leeuw on television on the night

Loeki de Leeuw only returns on television tonight. In the Achtuurwinnaal advertising block, it is a movie that has never been seen.

In the STER spokesman, in the radio program Jan-Willem Start Op NPO Radio 2n. This program began a week ago to request the return to television advertising media.

On Saturday, the request was signed in more than 10,000 times, after which STER decided Loeki to think about new videos. In the meantime, a thousand people signed an order. This is the reason why the movie STAR is tonight.

Community money

The talks about true reversal of the lion continue with the red skulls, said STAR spokesman. "But, of course, it's a community money, and everything we've delivered as a STAR, the NPO can do some great programs again, so we have to think about it."

Reusing the past movies is not an option. "Unfortunately, quality is not enough to broadcast on TV," said the spokeswoman. "That's why we think Loeki and how to return."


Loeki de Leeuw's adventures were between STAR announcements between 1972 and 2004. They only lasted for a few seconds and regularly went a bit wrong. Therefore, the lion often said "Ashemenou". In total, over 7000 films were made.

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