Monday , July 4 2022

Roald Dahl’s relatives apologize for his anti-Semitism


Roald Dahl’s relatives have publicly apologized for the British author’s anti-Semitic statements. A short statement of Dahl’s grandchildren has been published on the website of the writer who died in 1990.

The statement said: “The Dahl family and The Dahl Company apologize for the continued and apparent pain caused by Roald Dahl’s previous comments.”

It is not specified which comments are available. According to British media, the statement came in part as a result of an interview in 1983. He noted, “There is something in the nature of the Jews that causes hostility. Even a wrongdoer like Hitler chose them as his target for a reason.” In another interview, he said that Jews control almost all media, a popular voice among anti-Semites.

In the statement, the grandchildren write that the writer’s anti-Semitic statements are “incomprehensible”. “Such biased comments are very familiar to the man we knew.”

Passionately disagree

They admitted in the British newspaper The Sunday Times that it was not easy to make excuses for the words “beloved grandfather”, but also said that they did not “passionately agree” with him.

Dahl wrote books for children and adults, but his children’s fiction is best known. Like the classics Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Great Friendly Reus in Matilda they are known all over the world. Late last month, a new film adaptation of his book appeared Witches.

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