Friday , January 22 2021

The biggest survey on Baudet for Democracy for the Lower House

Compared to the previous week, the FVD polls increased to six seats, the 26th place is now more than 24 parties at the bottom. The party has made a great progress.

"Would you like to be a winner?"

"The more election you see after the elections is that winners get much more than their results in the polls. Activity: today people want to be a winner," says Frits Wester, a political reporter. "You can see that the cost of PVV, since Wednesday, is being recovered by parties like VVD and CDA."

Wester says that it will be the "complete puzzle" of VVD. "As a coalition, there is no business related to the Forum, because D66 does not want it. Also, the coalition does not know how to make a business with the forum, which means that the coalition is under the influence of GroenLinks and PvdA, making more policy while the Netherlands voted right. "

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