Wednesday , November 25 2020

‘The earth cannot be opened with massive tests’ The interior

Tests could be as common as brushing your teeth every day as it would only work to contain coronaviruses. “A lot of the tests are good and that definitely needs to be done, but if we ignore the measures, it will definitely go wrong,” says doctor, microbiologist and head of research Marc Bonten at Utrecht University Hospital.

According to him, despite numerous tests, the virus can still spread because most people are still sensitive to infecting it. Also, no one is contagious at the same time. If someone is considered negative and therefore does not comply with the measures, that person could be contagious the next day.


Crown Minister Hugo de Jonge wants, following the example of Slovakia, Austria and British Liverpool, to hold a trial with major tests this year. The Ministry of Health is looking for a strategy to relax the measures while controlling the virus. It is to further limit the economic damage of partial blockade.

From March 2021 onwards, all Dutch people could try it on average once a month, even if there are no symptoms. To achieve this goal, the ministry aims to increase capacity to 10 million per month for testing. However, according to the Utrecht study, this does not help the country to open faster.

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