Wednesday , February 1 2023

The gastric band can cause intestinal problems – Authentic


Patients can develop serious bowel disease after stomach band gastric, observing the RIVM Reporting Center and the Center for Implants.

According to the Healthcare Institute, a broad investigation into patients with complaints is needed. "It is important for patients with abdominal pain to report that they have a gastric band with a GP, many years ago we had a gastric band," said the National Public Health and Environmental Institute.

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According to the researchers, it is possible that the small intestines are placed by the serum of the liver of the band during the subsequent years of placement. This prevents severe bowel movement. The claimed patients did not always have serious abdominal complaints. Periods and repetitions, according to RIVM.

As a result of the increase in obesity, stomach reduction operations have been carried out in recent years, including the application of a gastric band. (ANP)

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