Sunday , December 5 2021

The German press does not know what is going on: “Madness, shameless, incomprehensible”


Germany, which loves football, woke up on Wednesday with unprecedented proportions with a hangover. Die Mannschaft needed a point to crown Spain as the winning team in the League of Nations, but lost 6-0 to Sevilla (!). The German press also did not know what happened on Tuesday evening. VoetbalPrimeur makes a route through the fields.

BILD gave them only 6 out of ten basic players – the lowest possible grade in the German school system – and already clearly speculated about the position of national coach Joachim Löw since 2006 (!) Seven months before the start of the European Championship, the football association must answer an urgent question : can we still give the team to Joachim Löw? Or should we start thinking about alternatives? ‘He wrote in the mainstream media after a terrific football evening. ‘The opposition offered by Germany: mad, savage, incomprehensible. Philipp Max Ferran Torres was terrified and only the Spaniards could be heard on the pitch: a leader – like Joshua Kimmich was missing – was nowhere to be seen.

One-way football
Der Kicker established that history was taking place in Seville. ‘The Spaniards threw joy into the game and dominated in every conceivable area. The DFB-Elf he offered no resistance and was sometimes overwhelmed. ‘ The media spoke of ‘Einbahnstrassenfussball’, one-way traffic, in Seville. ‘Spain can continue to play their combined football and Germany has been turned upside down. Before the end, this half-dozen was completed by Miker Oyarzabal, who gave the match a magnificent historical dimension: Germany suffered its biggest defeat since 1931.

Volgens de Frankfuter Allgemeine Zeitung area The group historical bass. ‘The last match of the League of Nations was going to be a test for the German team, but it was a historic disaster. Löw’s men accused him like never before of the national team. The national coach himself suffered as passively as his players. ” The FAZ had already seen dark clouds gathering. “Anyone who thought he was going to sleep confidently after the victories against Group B of the Czech Republic and weakened Ukraine has been awakened by thunder.”

0: 6 applause
Die Welt already had sympathy with Löw and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. ‘The national coach will have to answer a lot of questions after this painful performance. He watched without moving from the shelter and saw his team entering through the mangroves. Neuer kept the 96th international game and Sepp Maier took the record for goalkeepers. However, he was powerless and abandoned by all his defenders. In the end, Spain dethroned Germany as the leader: that was a small thing, but it was sterile compared to the game. “

Debakel in Seville !, eventually became the headliner of Morgenpost in Berlin. This awesome evening ended at 10:34 p.m. It was completely humiliating, from the first minute to the last minute. ” DFB appeared in favor of Löw before and after, but Berliner Morgenpost had reservations about that. The national coach said goodbye on Tuesday, which is the international year of 2020. Only one of the eight games was lost in that. But this 0: 6 applause He will definitely stay in Seville until 2021. ”

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