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The stock market grows more than economic growth VS | financially

With the opening of the American stock markets slightly lower, the AEX is 0.1% lower, at 539.7 points. The midkap index is obtained at 765.5, negative 0.6%. The most important indices in France and Germany were 0.1%, FTSE 100% in London lost 0.4%.

Solid months

"Two months after the consolidation, as well as the dollar, things are going down," says Wim Zwanenburg, Stroeve and Lemberger's investment strategist. According to him, China's purchasing managers' confidence is a bit disappointing too. "This figure does not disappoint. Sometimes investors forget about it, but not now." In Asia, the most important stock exchanges ended in February.

In America, we are expecting growth figures in the fourth quarter of 2018. The following are noteworthy: every year, the US economy grew by 2.6%, with most expectations about 2%. Since 2004, for the first time, the American economy is growing by more than 2% in four quarters of the year.


"Economic Trump continues to push tax cuts," says Joost van Leenders, economist of Kemp's active asset manager. "It boosts consumer spending and business investment, but there is no structural impact, but a strong boost." However, the stock market does not respond to these simple issues. "We have already indicated some indicators, which is not the reason for the Fed's central bank interest rate changes."

Trump and North Korean Kim Jong-un, the peaks and uninterrupted peaks of Vietnam started investing in smokers. "The expectations were low, but still," says Van Leenders.

potato chips

AEX leave permissions Randstad After a 1.8% participation in Adecco Swiss experts. Zwanenburg has no reason for the greatest economic zoological reasons. "The workers choose an unlimited working contract instead of agency work, so it is not surprising that Adecco will disappear, and the company will remove the knot" Adecco itself is 5.3% red at the Zurich fair.

Real estate group Unibail Rodamco see the evaporation rate of 1.8% following the reduction of the recommendations and prices of JPMorgan Casenove. Many climbers do not have the main level meter, because Altice is the only exception. Cable operator wins 4%. ABN Amro It also went well with a price of 1.7%.

Dive flight

With medium funds Air France KLM The previous day, after a 3.8% fall. The Netherlands has extended the package of shares in the aviation combination, 14%. Tomorrow the Minister of Hoekstra will visit Paris to give more clarity to the French government, in order to be very interested in Air France KLM. UK Stock Exchange Goodbody has removed the airline company from the sales list to buy a large share of the shared package share from the Netherlands governments.

AMG With the hope and the fear, the whole day flies: it has been a 3.5% reduction since the beginning, but in the afternoon the company has lost 0.8%. The specialized steel group sales and profits rose significantly last year. As the results progressed earlier this month, AMG already showed a nice ride. The ING analyst has stressed that the company has achieved "good performance" in recent years.

Share AScX Volker Wessels 3% higher races. The construction company has a record number of shelf-works. The IJmuiden VolkerWessels Locking Project last year was financially cumbersome at the stomach.

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