Saturday , September 26 2020
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They will receive "unprecedented long holidays" on 10 days in Japan


Japanese people have free time during this season calling for the Golden Week, on holidays. This will be extended this time due to the throne. Akihito Emperor (85) left his son, Naruhito, his 59-year-old son, and later throws the throne. He has resigned for more than 200 years to leave the emperor.

Restaurants, hotels and other businesses are expected to do good business in long vacations. A record number of 60,700 passengers should fly abroad, close to Narita Airport, Tokyo, NHK Report. Also, 3.71 million people have been booking flights during the holiday season, much more than a year earlier.

Hawaii sold out

At the beginning of the holiday season, a race started at well-known destinations. Akiko Nishikatas recently told Reuters that her family was already trying to find an inclusive holiday holiday for Hawaii in the October Gold Week, but they had already been sold out. "This long-awaited option comes in more than once in your life, so we're disappointed," said Nishikat.

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