Wednesday , January 20 2021

Will Lidar's sensors help you to kill your cell phone?

Innovation exhibition CES impact is seriously damaged.

Jid Ray Chowdhury's vehicle promoter and hobby photographer took part in the CES 2019 innovation show to get the best photos of Sony A7R II camera system. After taking photos of the car driving car with AEAR, he found something crazy. The point wizards with vertical and vertical lines can be seen in all photos watched. AEye reacted and said that the lidar sensor could take photos and get the camera back for $ 1,998. So far not exciting, but there is more.

The Lidar sensor is used in self-drive cars to calculate distances and work with the laser. Lasers may cause problems. It's not surprising. In response, the AE states that it uses a lidar sensor that has a wavelength of 1550 nm. The advantage of this wavelength laser lasers can not damage the retina. In order to make the camera harm, according to AEye, because these sensors are much more sensitive than human eyes. Due to frequent frequencies, the lasers reach more than 1000 meters.
Other Lidar sensors have a wavelength of 850 to 905 nm. These lasers are capable of making a range of 300 meters and are cheap. However, they can have a negative effect on human retina.

So self-concept cars seem to let the expensive sensors that cause the eye or the camera to destroy human beings. In most cases, photos on your mobile phone will look like the photos that Chowdhury suffered. Another problem is self-drive cars are also equipped with digital camera sensors. It seems that the camera camera has caused serious damage (laser).

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