Thursday , December 9 2021

America’s Cup: Luna Rossa in another conflict with the New Zealand team


New Zealand leader Grant Dalton of the left and Patrift Bertelli of Luna Rossa, the general manager of the Prada Group, do not often see the Copa del Rey issues.


New Zealand team leader Grant Dalton, on the left, and Luna Rossa’s Patrizio Bertelli, general manager of the Prada team, don’t often see American Cup accounts.

The New Zealand team is negotiating a race format for the December Copa warm-up regatta, acknowledging that they are once again at odds with Italian challenger Luna Rossa.

The December 17-20 event features a world series event and a “Christmas race” and represents the only race of the radical new 75-foot monochrome helmet in January and February before the official challenger series and in March before the Copa America match.

The New Zealand team has complained that it has agreed to another dispute with Luna Rossa that they have lost the payment period for the $ 300,000 ($ 435,000) entry fee for the December event because it could jeopardize their participation.

The Kiwis have stressed that they have paid the fee within the required timeframe and are within their rights, they are negotiating how the race will be conducted between the four teams.

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“We are in negotiations over the format of the race day for the two races we are still clearly separating (America’s Cup World Series and Christmas races),” the Emirates team said in New Zealand on Wednesday.

“No race call has been issued for either test. We have paid entry within seven working days.”

It has been argued that the Christmas race should be considered a world series regatta or an extraordinary event.

Basically, kiwis say: Why accept an event when the terms of engagement are not agreed?

The group intersects New Zealand and American Magic in Auckland.


The group intersects New Zealand and American Magic in Auckland.

The December regatta is just four weeks away and the New Zealand Team is the only option, as an American Cup defender, they will have to measure the speed and performance of the three challenges (American Magic, Luna Rossa and INEOS Team UK). the deadline for admission was November 13th.

In an event of great political and gaming skill, the challengers may decide to exclude the New Zealand team from the warm-up regatta as a way to deny opponents key race data if they break the rules.


The Italian challengers look spectacular on the boat for a week.

The New Zealand team will not be competing in the Prada Cup challenger section in Auckland during January and February.

They will then train themselves, waiting for the best challenge of the America’s Cup match, which starts on March 6th.

The New Zealand band has had a close relationship with the Luna Rossa album lately. The power of the wind, the Auckland courses that will be used for the races and the Italians have been criticized for the design aspects of the radical boats that will be used in this 36th edition of the cup.

This year the Italian and British world series regattas were canceled due to a coronary pandemic in Europe, and cup fans are disappointed to see that the boats, now over 50 knots, are up and running.

These four-day world series regattas had to be single-race races with four boats together rather than fleet races.

The first three days had to be four races on the day of the return competition, as all four teams would compete twice.

On the final day, the bottom two teams would compete in a single play-off regatta to decide the third and fourth, while the top two teams would compete against the best final in three races.

The New Zealand team will launch its second AC75 on Thursday evening – the boat that will defend the Auld Mug.

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