Wednesday , December 8 2021

Apple’s MagSafe Duo is just as powerful as the regular MagSafe charger


Apple has updated the store’s list of unreleased MagSafe Duo chargers to find out how the accessory will work with various power adapters. As As noted by Bloomberg’s Mark GurmanThe duo charges to 11W with a 20W USB-C adapter, to 14W with an adapter of up to 27W or more.

This means that when paired with Apple’s $ 19 20W adapter, the company’s cheapest option for charging USB-C, the MagSafe Duo can’t give the iPhone 12 as much power as a single 15W MagSafe charger. Plus, the 14W’s fastest option means it can’t match the regular MagSafe puck, and Apple’s best option for that will be a $ 49 30W adapter packed with a MacBook Air.

For $ 129, the MagSafe Duo would be an expensive supplement that we would no longer recommend to most people. With this latest information, it looks like an even niche, with a potential cost of almost $ 180, to unlock a not-too-fast one-time speed. That said, it could still be a convenient and compact option for Apple Watch users who don’t want to separate the two chargers and cables when traveling.

MagSafe Duo does not yet have a release date; appears as “coming soon”.

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