Thursday , January 21 2021

Hackers have won Tesla and won a 3 Model – TechCrunch

A couple of security researchers were Pwn2Own, a senior profile hacking competition, carrying 375,000 dollars, including Tesla. Model 3: Compensation to show a vulnerability to the electric vehicle infotainment system.

Tesla has regained the Pwn2Own model this year, a car has entered into a competition. Pwn2Own is in its tenth year and is led by Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative. ZDI has spent more than $ 4 million across the program.

Hackers Richard Zhu and Amat Cam, known as the team FluoroacetateAccording to the DHS, they entered the vehicle, "fascinated crowds mounted", after a few minutes of configuration, the research on Model 3 Internet Explorer successfully demonstrated.

The couple used a JIT error to showcase their message and win the award, including the car itself. In simplest terms, JIT, or just-in-time bug, usually surrounds random memory data that was protected by secrets.

Tesla told TechCrunch to solve the solution to the vulnerability found by hackers.

"We introduced 3 models in the prestigious Pwn2Own competition around the world to meet the most talented members of the security research community in order to obtain a specific type of feedback. During the competition, researchers showed a weakness in the car's web browser," Tesla said in an email. "There are some security layers in our cars, we have worked as a designer and have a good track record in the browser, protecting the functionality of other vehicles, and we will publish the software update that responds to this investigation, and we understand that this demonstration has had tremendous effort and skill and researchers We are grateful for the fact that our cars are more secure.

Pwn2Own's Spring Sustainability Investigation Competition, Pwn2Own Vancouver, was held from March 20-22 and featured five categories: web browsers, virtualization software, business applications, server-friendly software and the new automotive category.

Pwn2Own spent $ 545,000 in 19 common errors on Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Windows, VMware Job post, Mozilla Firefox and Tesla.

Tesla has a public relationship between the hacker community in 2014 when it launched the first Bug Bounty program. It has since grown and evolved.

Last year, the company paid $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 and added its energy products. Today, Tesla vehicles and Directly hosted servers, services and applications are included in the framework program

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