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Resident Evil 2 Remake in Ghost Survivors release the DLC release

Resident Evil 2's remake is now well advanced and has been welcomed by critics and fans. Prior to its publication, Capcom announces that it will publish a new content and it will happen fairly soon. Publisher now confirmed Ghost Survivors DLC will be released on February 15

Ghost Survivors allows three new games to be tackled. According to Capcom, Ways "will scan" stories about three unhappy souls that were never played out of Raccoon City. "No Time to Plow, the player will throw like gunshop owner, Runaway acts as a daughter of the mayor, forgotten soldier and boots soldier .

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Resident Evil 2 PS4, Xbox One and PC launched on March 25, and has already proved that Capcom's success is great. In the United Kingdom, the physical game sales board debuted at the top. He also won titles from critics, as well as GameSpot; 9/10 we gave our Resident Evil 2 review and called it "a terrifying experience."

"Resident Evil 2 is just a bounce star of an original star, but it's a powerful horror game that offers anxiety-inducing and grotesque situations, the best entry in the series," wrote critic Alessandro Fillari. "But, above all, because of the mere experience of horror that remakes survival, everything is free, it scarcely combines its dreadful tone and the effects of the story."

If you are new Resident Evil 2, be sure to review our story before scuba diving. We also helped the Survivor bonus game was cleared. This remake makes it easier to unlock the secret like Tofu.

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