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The police officer made the story of the man and won

Jason Stiber, a man from the US, has won a bad hash in his initial battle (photo file).


Jason Stiber, a man from the US, has won a bad hash in his initial battle (photo file).

Justice has never been so good.

US court decisions Connecticut has resolved a legal decision, some of them overwhelmed with astonishment and others hunger hunger.

In Jason Stiber's case, the answer is "yes". Friday was not found on Friday, after losing 300 US $ after being successfully recruited by 300 people.

"It was in the case of the century," Stiberen lawyer John Thygerson laughed. "He was very happy, of course, he was very happy".

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Stiber's victory came almost 13 months after he was stolen by a Westport police officer since he said he was 45 years old when he used his phone on April 11, 2018. year but refused Washington Post On Friday, he published a significant amount of money to hire Thygerson, who did not speak on the phone.

Paying taxes to overcome the willingness to take legal fees was the principle, he said.

"Remembered driving violations continue in your registry and never go out," Stiber said in a conversation. "Also, many people do not realize that your insurance rates have increased."

In February, Westport Police Cpl. Shawn Wong Won stated "clearly" that Stiber had seen him talking about his black mobile phone, when he was driving in the morning, then the Hour was informed. Wong Won said that when Stiber saw an illuminated object that he had approached the size of the mobile phone in his face, when he had licked them.

Thygerson claimed, explaining that Stiber's lips movement was "consistent", he explained at a few times in McDonald's times. Telephone records show that Stiber did not make any conversations when he came out, said Thygerson. Your client's car also has Bluetooth capabilities to talk with no phone.

In support of his defense, Stiber stated that Wong Won had requested a record 16-hour 16-hour 16-hour record for Stiber over; Another reason is that the official can confuse fried potatoes for mobile phones.

In the end, the judge concluded Friday that the State could not cope with the burden of proof, citing the evidence that Stiber put in his phone. Post He reviewed a copy of the decision in which the judge submitted a case that a driver of Connecticut did not find innocent in 2016 after the withdrawal of his use of the device.

"There is nothing more than a police officer here, there is nothing wrong here, but the police are doing things wrong," said Thygerson.

The Westport Police does not immediately return the request Friday afternoon.

Stiber's ruling has been tempered, but he has said he has been shown to be the most serious problem in the justice system. He had to sit by two trials, to lose four days' work and get a lawyer to pay the right result – he says precise steps, others should not be forced.

"That's why I made it because nobody wanted to do it through that," he said. "The other means of defense are not the same".

It will be seen that Stiber's case will be preceded by a new precedent in the future. However, he acknowledged that his fall had twice thought about the hash browns.

"I have not eaten as much as I've eaten before, but McDonald's still goes to other things," he said. "It's been a long time, but I prefer to create problems in the future."

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