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Tri Nations Rugby: All-Black captain Sam Cane “wild” fans and head coach Ian Foster



The team disbanded All Blacks’ performance against Argentina. Video / Sky Sport

Sam Cane has talked about some “cruel” fans of the All Blacks team, following their second consecutive side defeat at the weekend and their first loss against Argentina.

Speaking of Sky Sport Breakdown, Cane talked about a number of issues surrounding coach Ian Foster, where the All Blacks went wrong and the difficulties of side programming in 2020.

Cane also touched the reaction of some fans, and they may think they don’t know about rugby.

“We have amazing fans but we also have some pretty wild ones,” he said. “With that, you just remember, ‘Well, they’d like to think they know a lot about the game of rugby, they really don’t know it.

The 28-year-old captain also backed Foster as the All Blacks suffered a fire after two losses.

Under Foster’s command, the All Blacks have won two of their first five games with defeats against the Brisbane Wallabies and then lost 25-15 against Argentina on Saturday in Parramatta.

“I was personally very impressed with Foz,” Cane said.

“It has given us a very clear sense of what we need to improve, it doesn’t seem like we’re dizzy and we don’t have the answers. It’s been a long week in the sport, he was singing praises that were only two weeks ago.

After losing to Sam Cane All Blacks against Argentina.  Photography / Photosport
After losing to Sam Cane All Blacks against Argentina. Photography / Photosport

He said he has a side pattern as a pattern.

“For me, if I question my leadership, the opinions that are important to me are those of my teammates and coaches, with what I work for every day. I have a lot of confidence in them on the right track,” he added.

In the All Blacks game plan, Cane said after considering a loss to Argentina, the team lost chances in attack.

“As a team, when we are trying to get our attack going again, especially as a striker or as anyone who carries the ball wants to carry it, take the opposition physically, sometimes pause the video the next day of the game and give it a look when space is the most obvious option. when it was wider.

“But almost because of that view of the tunnel, because of that willingness to get the ball up, we lose a couple of chances. It should be just a couple of those chances … especially in the first half, it can change the whole dynamic of a game,” he said. yours.

Without wanting to make any excuses, Cane told Breakdown that the All Blacks lineup and the time away from New Zealand have had an impact.

“We can’t play at least five tests in six weeks, the only time we play so many test matches is in a World Cup, and we can’t underestimate the toll that causes some to be away from home. A lot of young fathers, look these are not excuses, the reality is really,” he added. du.

All Blacks have a free week on Saturday with the wallabies that Argentina is hosting in Newcastle.

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