Saturday , October 24 2020

"We do not give anything to the community" •

The controversial modality of Skyrim Together is again underway as its main creator: "We have nothing to do with the community."

The main programmer Max Griot, with Skyrim Together, called the subreddit "something will happen?" The project was released after months of radio silence.

Skyrim Together aims to add a multiplayer player to the full-fledged RPG world of Bethesda, and Patreon outsells $ 18,284 a month.

However, this time Patreon's reproduction game has passed some time and wants to know what shameless players are.

"First of all, we do not give anything to the community," Griot told Reddit.

"We're updating it if we've been feeling just like we've been doing right now, as it's just the same as before" we're still making mistakes. "

"Secondly, we are not doing community, but when we talked about the community as toxic, we thought it was" toy "and we decided to give it up or continue, but never give anything to the public, we do it for ourselves, we think it's a very fun work project and doing it We are learning a lot of what we are learning. People who come out will be the least concern when they are released when we return, we do not even try to build a community.

"Please let us know and do the things we want".

As you can expect, this post did not go well, and Skyrim Together was criticized by fans, community members, players and some patrons with Griot.

Skyrim Together is already under pressure called "cheating", so much for Patreon. Griot Skyrim is a controversial image inside the mod community. In March of 2019, Skyrim Together had to defend a code for theft of conversations, and was not impressed with the modding community.

The current Kerfuffle brought the upgrade of Pokyrgg's Skyrim Together to the developer. The works were recently slowed down, but they should again be taken.

"We're still working on the way," said Pokanggg. "Some of the developers with a key role were not available in the past, because it was very busy, but the progress would now return to a more common pace, as I know it. Sorry for the lack of updates, it's not really much talked about lately."

In the post published later, Pokanggg wrote: "We are all students or day jobs, and most of them have the same reverse engineering as Skyrim.

"I do not work in this modus section, but reverse engineering is a much longer time, and the modality is quite unstable, we do not know how much bugfixing can last a long time or is not very popular.

"We did not have so many accidents, we've collected a lot of crash reports and we are currently working on fixing accidents.

"Thank you, we do not want to give up, do not worry, we're going to get everything".

The answer to the Pokanggg message has been confused, some suggest that mod-makers take their time, others continue questioning the ability to release Skyrim Together.

Meanwhile, Skyrim Together Patreon is losing a small amount of money. Today, it's $ 18,284 per month, but it's double in point. In the weeks when Skyrim Together (beta) is running out, we expect that this figure has fallen.

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