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Cold on the back

February has been hot with several new county records.

On Tuesday, Landvik measured Grimstad 18.7 degrees, almost a new record for February. The hottest day of February was measured in 1990 at Sunndalsøra 18.9 degrees.

At least two digits

– The whole trend of the whole country is cooler. The small plane gradually begins to take another path in the southern direction of Norway, and here the rain comes this snowy snowfall this weekend, says meteorologist meteorologist Ragnhild Nordhagen.

It also becomes colder in the north. On Friday, rainfall comes as a snow in every corner.

– It looks like it's cold. Possible to be a bit more than on the ground in the south of the whole Nordland. On Saturday there will be storms in Nordland and Troms, and will enter the Nordland stretch. Weather is lighter to weather again, but it's still cold, the meteorologist says.

The cold weather will stick to the next week, and we can get two digits with freezing temperatures in the inner roofs, that is, the usual February temperatures.

Well, to the west

The cold finally arrives at Trøndelag. It gets cloudy, but probably a stay. There will be a few degrees in that day, but the temperature will be zero night until Saturday night until Sunday. Then the temperature goes down the next weekend.

In Western Norway, it's colder at weekends, minus degrees at night, Friday, and evenings on Saturdays. Friday will be nice, but on Saturday there is little pressure and a slight increase in temperature.

– Then, in some outlying areas of Western Norway, you will have 5 to 6 degrees plus degrees. In mountains, they are smaller, says Nordhagen.

Snow in the mountains

It goes to the south of Norway for a colder weather and a great deal of difference between today's Friday. Gradually lowering the temperature. In the southern areas of the country, there will be graduates during the day, but the bottom will be zero at night. On Saturday, temperatures rise to the south of eastern Norway

– Inside and in the mountains, it will be freezing at night. Especially during the night, Friday and night to Saturday, they can be two digits with lower temperatures.

The weather will be fine on Friday, but Sunday comes at a low pressure from Western Norway and goes to southern Norway. It also means snow in the mountains.

Next week, South Africa's cold weather continues.

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