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Facebook pays teens to access photos and messages

A recent article by US TechCrunch has paid Facebook for over 13 years for Facebook to control its mobile use.

This should happen without disclosing the outsider, hidden behind other companies and the abuse of Apple's iOS app platforms.

It was $ 13 for a 13-year digital life

The TechCrunch case is told among young people under 13, receiving payments of $ 20 per month, Facebook to retrieve mobile phone information.

This allows you to access private social networks, upload images and videos, emails and browser history, and even request information about purchases of online shopping in the United States of America. Although secure, encrypted pages have been sent to the giant for testing.

Contracted by third parties

Facebook should have access to digital life for thousands of young people to become the Beta testers. However, the selection was done through third-party companies, such as Applause, BetaBound and uTest, through Instagram-owned Instagram ads.

Those who hired and received personal information exchange did not know what the company's program was in the last step, when they were asked to install a Facebook Research app on their device.

Surrounded by Apple's instructions

However, the authentic collection of data is not directly made directly through the Facebook Research application, but through a separate VPN connection the user must activate and send all the data traffic through Facebook.

Thanks to Facebook's progress, Apple supervises the beta program guidelines in iOS, which means that up to 10,000 people are mobile and Apple needs applications before it is approved.

Facebook completely exceeds beta users asking them to install the so-called root server certificates. Fair certificates, among other things, may be used by companies for the installation or maintenance of internal mobile phone applications. Facebook's problem The beta app was distributed to the company and Apple's beta program and the root certificate provided complete access to the device.

Along the way, Apple has overtaken the App Store from the VPN app after its breakthrough in the App Store. Facebook was the VPN application and, according to Gizmodo, the code of the exclusion application should be found in Facebook Research, which sends the same functions and the same servers.

It includes information on new trends and competitors

Why Facebook wanted to gather a lot of personal information with many users, but they did not comment, but TechCrunch forces Facebook to disclose users' use pattern to stop the escape from that platform.

The Facebook Research application calls "Atlas Project" internally from Facebook, which makes it possible to identify the company's global tendencies and new competitors. In 2014, similar information services will be available in 2014, which allowed the acquisition of WhatsApp communication service, $ 19 million.

Facebook: the program is misunderstood

NOTE: TechCrunch, after mentioning this case, has now extracted a statement, which makes it clear that the iOS users' entire collection program stops. However, Android users who share data with Facebook continue to be the first.

In social terms, the Facebook representative discusses that market analysis has been linked to third-party use and has been spying on users. The company considers that the market analysis is misunderstood and that important parts are rejected.

– Just App has made Facebook Research. There was no spying, all users requested permission and kidnapped a paid enrollment process during the participation. Around five percent of the participants were teenagers, and everyone attended tutors' written approval, the Facebook representative said.

Our journalist, after making the Cambridge analytic scandal:
– The Facebook gateway was "gaffa"

(Source: TechCrunch)

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