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George Clooney: – – I never thought I’d see the kids again


In the summer of 2017, George Clooney (59) and his wife Amal (42) were able to retire when they first became parents.

– This morning Amal and George welcomed twins Ella and Alexander Clooney into the world. Ella, Alexander and Amal were then informed that the couple’s spokespersons were fresh, happy and well.

The couple had been together for four years.

The front collided

The year after the baby was born, however, something happened that could have turned a happy family life completely.

The Hollywood star had a head-on collision on a motorcycle while filming the Hulu “Catch-22” series during a holiday in Sardinia, Italy.

Shortly after the accident, a video of the incident was released and based on the recording, the clash seemed very dramatic.

Here you could see the actor riding on his engine from the left, before the front exploded into a Mercedes coming from the opposite edge. The collision was so strong that their father was thrown into the air before landing on the ground and rolling around.

The accident could have had dire consequences for Clooney, who was taken to the local John Paul II Hospital and miraculously escaped with only minor injuries.

The 59-year-old now said he was scared when the accident happened.

It almost ruined his career

It almost ruined his career

– The driver literally turned right in front of me. I took off and flew away, but landed on my hands and knees. 100 times, you can land on your hands and knees. If you land in any other way, you’ll be overwhelmed, he told GQ fashion magazine and continues:

– When I hit the asphalt, I thought I had lost all my teeth, but it was wind glass.

Also, the twin father shares what was going on in his head.

FAMILY: Here Amal takes pictures with Alexander and Ella half a year after the dreaded accident happened.  Photo: NTB
FAMILIES: Here, Amal takes a picture with Alexander and Ela half a year after the dreaded accident happened. Photo: NTB
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– My kids were about a year old then, and the thoughts were mostly “this was the end and I would never see them again,” he tells the magazine.

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Last spring, the 59-year-old said the following about the accident:

– My helmet was split in two, and I lost my shoes when I collided. He said it was a serious accident in a video interview with the Hollywood Reporter on TMZ’s website.

– I was waiting to turn off the switch because I had destroyed the side mirror of the car with my head. I thought, “Okay, that was my neck.” If we have nine lives, now I’m all exhausted. I need to get away from riding the engine a bit, he added.

Missing dish

George Clooney was one of the most sought after graduates in the world for many years, and had great relationships with various beauties.

- I was shocked and shaken

– I was shocked and shaken

But then, in October 2013, a handsome 16-year-old man met Amal, and suddenly the pipe got a completely different song.

After being friends for half a year, the star of “Ocean’s Eleven” got on his knees and proposed to the attorney general. And in the fall of the same year, they gave each other, considered the biggest star wedding of the year, at a romantic event in Venice (Italy).

“I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest imagination that I would be as happy in a relationship now as I am now,” the actor told Esquire magazine, two years after the wedding.

Children, on the other hand, were not something that couples considered normal. Amal, who is looking for a human rights lawyer, has revealed to Vogue.

Concerned about family safety

Concerned about family safety

– It wasn’t obvious what was going to happen to me, nor was I very enthusiastic and excited about the idea of ​​getting married or having a family, then the 42-year-old said about his meeting with Clooney.

Last summer, the actor said he didn’t imagine settling in the late ’50s and even starting a family.

– At this time in my life I did not expect to have children or have a wife. But then came Amal. Then everything changed, in a beautiful and unexpected way, Clooney told Sky News.

Open about the role of the father

On June 6, 2017, the couple became parents anyway, and already three months later, the Oscar winner admitted that his life had changed dramatically.

– You are suddenly responsible for other people. It’s terrifying, People said.

“I have to get rid of him.” It was my vomit at first, but now it’s the twin’s vomit, so it works so well, he added jokingly.

- I didn't expect this

– I didn’t expect this

At the same time, he also took the opportunity to brag about how his wife handles her mother’s role. Among other things, he chose to compare himself to an Olympic athlete.

– Right now my job is to change diapers and get the kids a little carried away. I really didn’t think I would be a 56-year-old twin father before Clooney continued to give advice:

– Don’t plan anything. One should always enjoy what is happening in life.

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