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Housing – Construction company failed

Coexistence couples lived home-to-life crimes when homeowners failed.

In April, two homes were completed by Malene Axling Madsen (25) and Aleksander Isaksen (24), who lived in Porsgrunn. They dreamed for a long time to have their own garage, and they were hired by the Sør Bolig construction company to carry out their dream.

Sør Bolig is one of the subsidiaries of Sør Bolig Group, which develops new sites in the south of Norway. Homes for sale are sold under the name of "Sør Bolig" and are hand-held households.

The couples of coexistence would not spend long the owl in the sea.

YOUR RIGHTS FOCUS: Malene Axling Madsen and Alexander Isaksen dreamed about dreaming about cohabitation couples dreaming about for a long time, so the construction company went.

The craftsmen disappeared

– We signed a contract with Sør Bolig at the beginning of last year and we were almost immediately apprehended. Rumors and promises that are not maintained during the first day, says Malene Axelsen Madsen.

Suddenly the craftsmen disappeared from the house.

– The carpenters told me they left the construction site because they did not pay for southern property. Then we became uncertain about what happened to us surely.

He tried to relieve Madsen and contacted South Housing, but it was not easy.

– We've got new people all over the time, we've left or left the disease. When I contacted our new contact person, I got hit. He told me he was being dismissed, because Sør Bolig would fail, says Madsen.

Sør Bolig ended a two-year turmoil at the end of his coexistence residence. The couples of coexistence would have made a home loan to pay for the house and would hurt the economy to contract others to finish the job.

– We had only one outdoor cover. There is nothing inside the house when finished. We could not stop or finish ourselves, and we expect almost 600,000 curtains, he says.

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Local benefactors

MUST: When South Housing collapsed, only one cohabitation partner remained.

The newspaper Telemarksavisen and Varden newspaper were mentioned before the case. Then local dealers contacted the couple to help.

– Suddenly, I got a phone with Norfloor and Lumi Bygg, which will offer you homemade tiles, membranes and accessories. In addition, we have achieved two-day work with bathroom. When our electric home electricians SPB heard our story, they went with Elektroimportøn and gave us chips worth 30,000 chronos, he says.

Originally used Aate Bygg carpenters quickly assisted the couple.

– We're ready to make a big loss. It has helped us a lot and we like it a lot. Fortunately, they fixed us quite well. We have lost money, but not as we have thought before, he says.

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Living with a mother

GREAT ECONOMIC RISK GALLERY: – There was nothing left inside the house. We could not stop or finish ourselves, and we expect almost 600,000 curtains, he says.

The house will be ready in June, while the couple living together lives in the parents' home of Madsen.

– It's strange and he's getting home as an adult, when he first started something different, but it's okay, says Madsen.

A couple of survivors recently contacted a lawyer when construction companies failed. He said he had the right to receive a tenth of the price of the purchase, according to the Bustad Listing Act, which requires the contractor to provide a guarantee.

Madsen has clear advice to others before choosing a construction company.

– I would recommend anyone watching the company carefully. Unfortunately we do not In doing so, Sør Bolig had a bad reputation in Kristiansand and Arendal. Use corporate databases such as Proff to check business finances, make clear if the numbers are red, tips.

If the couple of co-existence were a Googlet construction company, they would have to find some articles on critical papers in South Housing. They had previously warned shameful homeowners about using the company.

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100 real estate money claim

"BAR BACK" 11 DWELLINGS: – The case has become so wide that, if you want to get a drilling visa closer to it, said Ole Magnus Heimvik

There is not enough money to complete the house of the couple living on earth. So far, a total of 100 NOK totaling cash claims totaled 33 million.

Resident Ole Magnus Heimvik says that the failure of Sør Bolig has led to 11 housing projects that have not been completed.

– There have been some conditions to complete housing, but I do not remember exactly how much, he says.

According to Bostyrer, there are none of those who expect real estate needs to be met. Heimvik has stated that most people are the guarantors of the building's executive law.

Now he has requested funds to investigate the failure and to find out if there is a criminal offense.

– The case has become so broad that we want a drilling visa to analyze this, he concluded.

In addition to home buyers, there are other creditors as non-paid subcontractors.

– Sør Bolig's management believes that it is governed by current regulations, says Sør Bolig-top Remy Diederiks.
Photo: South Housing

– It's not natural with a drill

Sør Bolig-top Remy Diederiks says that the homeowner should answer why he wants to name a drilling visa.

– This is not natural desire, because it is part of a group of Sør Bolig, and corporate accounting problems may be a special one that requires special expertise.

It underlines that in the first bankruptcy real estate report, the landlord does not comply with obligations or obligations under the Contract Law.

– These surveys are part of the general manager's general functioning, in any failure procedures. South Bolig's management believes that it is governed by the regulations that apply and it can not be seen as a basis for any criminal reactions related to actions or acts committed prior to bankruptcy. He will end the dying.

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