Thursday , December 9 2021

If you don’t make this Xbox change right away, in the worst case, you could lose access to all your games


When my new puppy chose to eat the fiber cable at home, I knew it was going to be a couple of awkward days.

Set the new Xbox as soon as you get the home Xbox

I’m currently looking at the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War story section and threw it away as soon as the chewing was over. Hopefully the cable will be fixed tomorrow, but it’s a digression.

In any case, if you lose your internet connection but don’t set your new X series or S series as your home Xbox and therefore don’t have the license keys connected to the Xbox, you can play without the Internet, whether children or animals find it. it’s great to eat things up, so don’t start reconnecting games until this is activated.

“When you switch from your home console, all licenses for digital content devices are transferred to your new home Xbox. These device licenses are not available on your previous home Xbox. The previous home Xbox will allow friends and family to access your stuff after you sign in, ”Microsoft reported.

To set up your Xbox as your home Xbox:

As Microsoft explains:

“If there’s a disrupted network or service, or you’re in a place where you can’t connect to Xbox Live, you can play downloaded games on your home Xbox.”

My solution was to connect my mobile as an access point to set it as a standard console, but if you’re completely offline, you’re sitting there with no option to start games.

Setting up a home Xbox doesn’t even force you to start updating the game before you start; a specific example is Gears 5 I can confirm without an internet connection, even if the 13 GB update is ready.


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