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I’ve been waiting for Tesla’s “shorts” for five months – E24


Five months after the order was placed, several Tesla customers are still awaiting delivery.

The red pants are priced at $ 69.24, but are sold out immediately. They are now sold twice on Ebay.



It’s not the electric car they ordered, it’s the red satin pants, the so-called “shorts,” left against investors who have recently opted for Tesla’s stock.

According to the Financial Times, the red shorts were sold out almost immediately in early July. However, they need to see more customers approaching Christmas without receiving anything in the mail.

For the Tesla shorts, which were supposed to come out with a $ 69 and 42-cent guess, Elon Musk may have referred to the sensational message on Twitter in exchange for a $ 420 share to take Tesla out of the stock market in 2018.

The red satin shorts are available on the company’s website this summer, along with several other Tesla-branded outfits.

“Run like the wind or entertain like Liberace with our red satins and gold-colored shorts,” she says in a brief description on the website.

“Enjoy the extra comfort from the end of the negotiation,” he continues.

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He lost $ 35 billion

Even if not all the short films are released, there is nothing against short bets that don’t pay off.

According to CNN Investors who have opted for the Tesla Shorts, a Tesla stock price drop, have lost more than the entire U.S. aircraft industry this year.

The loss is equivalent to $ 35 billion this year, according to estimates by S3 Partners. The sum currently corresponds to the Norwegian krone 307 billion.

In comparison, the U.S. aerospace industry said it lost about $ 24.2 billion in the first nine months of the year, or about $ 213 billion.

The Tesla shorts lost $ 8.5 billion in November alone, according to the same estimates, when Tesla shares rose 46 percent.

He refuses to give up

Stock market betting against Tesla has been skyrocketing for a while, despite the company’s low profits as the share of electric cars has risen dramatically.

Now Wall Street stock is at a record high this year after a huge price jump, and as a result, some short films that have opted for falling prices have had to discard cards due to large paper losses due to the so-called short squeeze (see bill box).

One investor who refuses to give up is the manager of the American hedge fund Jim Chanos. He has been with the short Tesla for five years and says in an interview with Bloomberg that he has not finished office.

However, he does not hide the fact that the last year has been a painful journey:

– It was painful, of course, he says in the interview, where the short Tesla seems to have been somewhat reduced.

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It sells double on Ebay

However, some who know how to profit from Tesla’s rise are customers who have picked up red satin shorts.

A quick search on Ebay showed that some red satin shorts, with the Telsa logo on the front and the letter “S3XY” (reference to four car models) on the back, show more than 1,000 crowns from Norway, some even exceeding 2,000 crowns.

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