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Julie Andem – The creators of "Shame" have not got anything from the NRK millions of pot


"Shame" is closely addressed, but everyone has taken it as a whole world. The Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, awarded the prestigious Peer Gynt award to Julie Andem, said the "Skam" NRK series for 2017.

Since its launch in 2015, Gullrut's awards have been received by Fredrikkeprisen, Frydprisen and Nordic Language. In the world, millions of people watch and retrieve native versions in several countries. In short, "Shame" land and the world took a storm, and the NRK's ​​biggest foreign success is the newspaper, because it enjoys the broadcaster.

SUCCESS: During the four seasons, a large part of the country
SUCCESS: During the four seasons, a large part of the country continued to "Shame", including Girl-Chris, Eva, Sana, Vilde and Noora. Photo: NRK
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Earn millions

Andem's heart is sold by NRK in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. Only in 2018, NRK billed almost 6 million NOK in international serial sales formats. On the other hand, the woman behind the television phenomenon, the creator Julie Andem, again has no money, figures and information. Dagbladet watched NRK.

Andem worked as a journalist for "Shame" at NRK. He still works, but now he has left.

Dagbladet has requested the use of NRK for low-access Aktivium, selling NRK TV formats on the international market. NRK writes to Dagbladet that the sales business aims to "expand NRK content and specialize, pride and money back."

"Shame" is more than half

In total, NRK sold 201.4 NOK TV formats in 2018. Andem's "Shame" accounted for 5.7 million euros, 55%. The following programs make up the other revenue: "Gazte buruzagia", "Do not do it at home", "Mammon", "audience witness", "Karl Johan "," What Happens "," Helene Enters "and" Girls ".

CASUAL SWEATER The actress, "Shame", Josefine Frida Pettersen (22), presents the short fiction commercial feature on FRSU. The goal is for more people to use the condom "by putting in a truly engaging context". Video: RFSU
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In order to obtain the sale of all of the concepts mentioned above, except "Shame", NRK informs Dagbladet that NOK has returned to the Drama 1.9 million NRK series. For this reason, according to the NRK Document Archive, approximately 50,000 NOK will be allocated approximately 50% to Norwegian Norwegians.

ORIGINAL IDE: He received a "shame" of several awards from the Russian bus to the closet. Photo: NRK
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– No license

When Dagbladet asks NR when Andemek paid for "Skam" format, NRK's ​​strategy and media distribution response is as follows:

"Skam" is not in the television format that the rights of the Norwegians permit, which is used by NRK in production. "

In this case, Andem did not make a statement from Dagblad, but the woman behind the horrendous NRK success is not credited with the sale of the format. He knows the matter well.

The Norwegian NRK success director, for example, "Semi-Sister", "Heavy Water of the Battle" and "Nobel," said Dagbladet thinks that he deserves Andem.

– I have done seven TV series in Norway. Three TVs 2 and 4 NRKs. I have never received a single penny for one of these series, DVD sales, printouts or resale. Norwegian channels and producers do not have an openness or opportunity, says Sørensen.

DIRECTOR: Per Olav Sørensen. Photo: NTB Scanpix
DIRECTOR: Olav Sørensen. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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– Pretty naïve

The problems start before the recording begins, says the director.

– Concerning agreements with little transparency and contractual formulations so that the director can take the money away. As a director, we have signed non-fidelity awards. When I finished "with the Nobel" I decided to "never again"; So now I have quite a lot different people. However, my experience has also shown to me that Swedes have a much more generous and fair system in the Leaders, "says Mr. Sørensen," who has directed the new Netflix series in Sweden, also notes.

Fighting fares

The Norwegian Film Federation is struggling to reach collective bargaining agreements with former NRC producers. Members request NRK boycotts.

The Film Federation has first achieved collective bargaining agreements with Virke producer associations, Netflix, HBO, TV 2, Discovery (TVNorge) and NENT (TV3), but have not achieved a NRK agreement. The head of the Sverre Pedersen federation will regret that Andem does not achieve the percentage of "Shame" sales.

– The creators of the NRK series made the same effort in Netflix or TV2 production, with NOK 100,000 paying royalties, and will receive this payment when using the series, says Pedersen to Dagbladet.

– This payment is in accordance with the Labor Law of Norway, which creates the right to remuneration for work exploitation and, moreover, is in line with the new Directive Directive, which creates an invaluable and proportionate right to remuneration. In our opinion, NRK's ​​practice is a clear violation of both laws, he continues.

MANN RESISTANCE: Espen Kloumann Høiner plays Leif Tronstad's role in the NRK section "Fight for heavy water." Video: Filmkameratene / NRK Show more Show more
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– Sells books

NRK can not detail Andem's employment or salary, but does not exclude the effort made with "Shame" in other ways.

– The contract for work with NRK journalists regulates individual salaries, additional responsibilities and variable pay elements, such as disadvantage bonuses and hourly payments, as well as the possibility of complementing personal add-ons or a limited amount of time. In addition to NRK's ​​wages, Julie Andem has received fees for publishing the script "Skam" in many countries. This is the fee that directly receives the Andem publishing company, which writes the archive of the NRk Document, to Irene Solum Dagbladet.

He added:

– All NRK editors work as a journalist. You can have different functions as a journalist, such as management, writing and reporter.

Vibeke Furst Haugen, director of the NRK Marienlyst department, does not want to mention the Norwegian Film Federation's critics.

– "Shame" has been very successful and we're very grateful to Julie Andem's efforts and everyone involved. When you are definitely working for NRK, the rights go completely to NRK. Permanent workers receive special rights, whether or not they are successful in production. As a result, additional revenue from sales will be returned to the new production. This is in the direction of commercial operators, says Dagbladet.

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