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Kathrine Sørland, Donald Trump | The fans looked red when Kathrine Sørland shared this photo: – I received a lot of reflexes


Sørland’s message did not fall on everyone’s equal ground.

Kathrine Sørland (40) shares several hitherto unknown stories in her life – in the autobiography “About Pill Abuse, Anxiety and Depression”, “You Shouldn’t Believe You’re Anything”.

The 40-year-old woman from Stavanger starred for the first time since she was named Miss Norway in 2002, and also shared several stories from the time of Miss Queen.

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In 2004, the westerner won Miss Norway for the second time and traveled to Ecuador to compete in the Miss Universe. There she also met Donald Trump, 74, then Miss Universe leader and who would become president of the United States 13 years later.

– I found it very charming, very charismatic. He let me talk, and I was interested in Norway and who I was, Sørland told Nettavisen.

The sea

Kathrine Sørland shares “everything” in her autobiography: – On the threshold of personal comfort

Invited to New York

Donald Trump, of course, advanced in the company of the cheerful west and invited him to New York.

He beautifully said no, something he still regrets today.

– It was a stupid strategic choice to say no. I could say yes and make the trip to New York. I didn’t feel like he had to have an appointment with me, I think he wanted to show up. And maybe I had a better place than Miss Eleventh in the Universe? laughs Sørland.

Today, however, she does not know the man she met 13 years ago in Ecuador.

– I don’t like the way he is today. He abuses his power and acts extremely arrogantly.

– He is God and his students are his students. However, nearly 73 million Americans voted for it. For many, it’s like doing something right, he says.

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Shared photo with Trump

But even though he hadn’t traveled to New York in Sørland, he got the memory from a meeting with Trump.

The two took a picture together when the 40-year-old shared on Instagram and Facebook when he learned that Donald Trump had won the 2016 presidential election. The post was supposed to be humorous, but not everyone understood it.

“Yes, at least I greeted the president”, he wrote to the photo, and the reactions were not long in coming.

Kathrine Sørland also writes about it in her autobiography.

«To make fun of him, he became one of those records for a balluba. The online newspapers threw themselves, and I had so many provocations. I was trying to have a little fun myself, he says in the book.

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– I was in the fetal position

Sørland does not hide from Nettavisen that he was surprised by the negative opinions.

– People were very angry. They stopped following me and asked me what I thought. He says about the message and added:

– But at least I wrote that I knew the president. I shouldn’t have done that. So I’ve got so many benchmarks.

Negative reactions influenced Sørland, who personally took criticism in the field of comments in his autobiography that he is “above average for liking it”.

– I hate people not being happy with me, being disappointed, angry or having something unresolved with me. I can’t deal with it, and I think the conflict is very much the opposite. It gives me so much more that I know more than anything that people like me can touch me. He said not being so good at saying my opinion and defending myself.

– So when I shared that photo, I confessed that I didn’t like it. I was in the fetal position wondering what I had done wrong.


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