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Kim Kardashian – Kanye thinks about light-colored images


Kim Kardashian West (38) real life star has awakened many choices by sharing social media imagery with light-hearted images.

The image often gets the answer, praises the Kim in the clouds, it seems to be wonderful, while others help the pressure of young people to pressure.

Those who do not have simple photographers have criticized Kimen husband, Kanye West rapper (41).

He could "stand with Kardashians" when he visited Queen Ellen Degeneres (60).

He could sometimes say that he sometimes had problems with his husband, if he shared too much color-colored color.

– It's a bit double. Because he wants to be myself, be sure and make fun, but at the same time he dies, according to Daily Mail.

Additionally, the 38-year-old means that he's feeling stuck in a cycle, and has gradually been conservative in the media, wants to show his image and photos Kanye does not like.

"Sometimes I feel good about it or I have to work hard to publish something, so I explain a little about it," he said.

– Be ashamed

If she responds to the simple outfit of Kanye's wife, they have learned more fans sooner. When Kim released a small birthday party and a sparkling dress, the following comment appeared:

– Your husband is ashamed.

DRY: It's not just Instagram's Kim. Here is an image that was set on the way to dinner with her husband - wearing a top-notch challenge. Photo: NTB Scanpix
BOLD: It's not only Instagram that Kim shows by more than others. Here is an image that was set on the way to dinner with her husband – wearing a top-notch challenge. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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– It's amazing how much money he can make, he wrote another, who was, of course, why Kim seems to be wearing the camera all the time.

In previous times, celebrities like Bette Midler (72) and Chloë Moretz (12) have also criticized their twin nudes on Twitter.

Fill in the calendar

From the reality of "Keeping With The Kardashians" from the series and since passing television shows in 2007, Kim and others have had to endure so many times.

But Kim also has great pride in his creative shots.

In 2016, Kim stole her weekend in Paris at the Fashion Week Fashion Week, appeared on the "Advent Calendar" magazine of love, and fans did not speak and praise the agreement.

attractive: The star of reality Kim Kardashian seduces audiences while dancing with the northern lights of the new video of the sun. The environment looks Nordic, and this is the first time the star has been showing online since it was brutally stolen in Paris. Video: Love Magazine. More information
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The website Mashable cited the video as a "great comedy", apparently exclaiming Kim's video directed by James Lima.

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