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"Leaving Neverland" – Barbra Streis is pleased with her

The documentary "Leaver Neverland" has been debated much earlier since it was released.

In the documentary we will meet with Wade Robson (36) and James Safechuck (41). They both admit that the Pope had abused his children.

Michael Jackson's family denies the charges of two men and has attacked HBO with the documentary.

shock Testimonials

One of those secured by the documentary was Hollywood's Barbra Streisand icon, which had to endure strong criticisms of the comments he had made in an interview with The Times.

– Her (Michael Jacksons, journ.anm.) Sexual needs were her sexual needs, that is, what kind of childhood she had or what kind of DNA she had. We could say "Attack", but the children, as they say, were happy to be there. They both got married and they had children, so he did not kill them, says Streisand.

"He does not die. @ Barbarie Streis and you really said that?", Says the director who spoke about the documentary Dan Reed.

He also said that his parents were blamed, "let alone his own children sleep with him."

controversy: Wade Robson and James Safechuck report the innocence of Michael Jackson. The controversial documentary "Leaver Neverland" paints the legend of the legend of the pope. Video: NRK
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Mushroom adds

After receiving a massive criticism from the director, and after receiving many people from the social media, Hollywood stars left them on Saturday.

"I feel very unbelievable that I am writing my words when I talked about Michael Jackson and his victims, because they do not reflect the printed words," writes Streisand on Instagram.

"I did not want to discard the trauma suffered by the boys, as the survival of sex abuse, they should take away the rest of their lives. I will really regret it and I hope that James and Wade respect and admire the truth.

It should be noted that in the interview with the British newspaper Streisand he believed in the history of two men.

With regard to parental charges, Streisand has returned to her, saying the two men's parents "were captivated by fame and imagination," according to the BBC.

Denial of abuse in 2005

Robson and Safechucks say Jackson has attacked the documentary for several years. They had to start when they were seven and eleven, respectively, and their claims are accepted by their families.

In 2004, Jackson had to go to court to denounce child abuse. He was charged, but rumors lasted until 2009.

Both men had a 2005 trial trial during a trial in 2005. For several years, this continued. Until father becomes

According to Oxygen, they further asked Robson that Jackson was going to sue the money because he was desperate, because the show was working. This has been denied against Vanity Fair.

– It's totally wrong. I was in the midst of a nerve fracture. I failed and I retired from the project. These charges are completely wrong, he said recently.

Robson now works as a dancer, choreographer, producer and singer, and has worked with Britney Spears.

Unlike Robson, Safechuck works full-time throughout life and IT. She is married and has two children, that is, they should have the option to choose them.

In the 2014 court documents, Safechuck has said he is reflecting on his experiences with Jackson, and seeing his children, he notices Jackson as "ill".

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