Sunday , September 26 2021

Newspaper massacre for Germany: Oftedal was the star

“After an embarrassing performance, Germany historically conceded a lot of goals in a European Championship match,” Bildu wrote.

It’s titled “Handball Girls Fooled Themselves Against Norway”.

“Germany have to rise to win against Poland. The team had no reaction against the pace and the individual class in Norway showed up,” he says in the German newspaper.

Stine Bredal was named the best of the Oftedal course, which caused little controversy in Norway, as many Norwegians believed Nora Mørk (twelve goals) to be the first number.

Bild only mentions Norwegian players Oftedal in his article: “He built the attack on the attack, and Germany had nothing to do with the Norwegian speed and the world player Oftedal.”

German coach Henk Groener did not end his statements after the big loss.

– We received a handball lesson from Norway, he said.

Norway have so far won two European Championships and will face Romania on Monday. The Romanians have two points so far in the tournament.

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