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Now they come with "smart" mirrors

LAS VEGAS (Broom / TV 2): At Las Vegas Electronics Fair (CES) this year, there will be several exciting innovations, including the automotive industry.

Many of the focus areas are internal mirrors and, in practice, the LCD screens show images from different cameras.

Gentex Industries has a number of CES news items. And after a demonstration, it must be said that it is easy to fascinate.

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Three cameras

This concept is a camera that looks behind the ceiling, so it prevents dirt that can damage the screen. In addition, the camera can be placed in external mirrors. Check for blind blind control.

In the mirror on the screen shows mostly camera photos. But as soon as someone appears in blind places, they appear on the left or right side of the screen, respectively.

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(Cause below)

That way, the look of your car may soon look. Provides an overview of an angle to the side of the camera.

Navigation and telephone

But the crystal clear image is not just cars. You can also get the navigation view with the arrows here. Incoming calls can also be displayed here.

This idea often looks at the interior mirror, which is a good place to provide the driver with useful information.

Due to the law, it is a mirror that must be operated as a regular mirror. That's why you can choose the most convenient view: camera or regular mirror images.

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Getting to Europe

Gentex is probably the most remote of this technology. They work with several American car manufacturers.

Gentex's representatives at the show also say that Broom has begun to bring customers to Europe.

The car we demonstrated in the car is the Volvo XC90.

To date, customers are a professional marketplace. Sales are not sold in the retail market. But in the end, this will be.

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