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Opinions – World athletes


We want to encourage the Norwegian professionals who visit abroad. Then we can not cancel their sports at home at the same time.

This post was written by Grunde Almeland, Representative of the Liberal Party Parliament

Imagine preparing for the next exam. Job interview. A football game. Ski trip Every day you wake up and think about it. What do you need to overcome it? Get the job Scoring goal. Get race All nerves are at high voltages, all thoughts are based on one point – win. If you take this nervousness, tension, fear, joy and more than a hundred times, then when you are approaching, a campancer practitioner feels a fight.

You analyze the opponents techniques and movements. Strengths and weaknesses. How do they appear in a shot? How do they stop bumps on their legs? In the end, you know better than themselves, and you and your coaches organize a conflict plan that will make you win or cage. If you have better shots and shots, try keeping them upright, but if you have better breakage techniques, you will often try to get on the floor.

MMA SUPREME NORVEGAN: Ventres Grounds Almeland.
Photo: NTB Scanpix

Weeks, drilling technique months, cardio training and sparring flow between each other. The only thing that you see is your opponent and your hand is won after the match. All of this, of course, also makes your opponent. You and yourself and yourself. Each movement has a reception, each movement has an answer. Millimeters decide. And he can only win.

Has the fascinative martial arts fascinated us for thousands of years? As a Storting representative, the closest one is if I smoke excitement with morning coffee. We are proud of our hard-working professionals who are trying to achieve the goals of the initial goals.

But like many sports, martial arts practitioners take risks, of course it is not harmful. For some, injuries caused by head injuries and injuries caused by late are among the consequences of a long and hard career. That's why most people have come out of an age-old position. For example, American football players run one game throughout the year. Like all athletes, martial arts must be aware of the danger of sports.

Fortunately, the knowledge and research on health effects has been much more important than before. The government legitimized professional boxing in 2014, so one of the biggest sports heroes in Norway, Cecilia Brækhus, should eventually start fighting in their own country. Many politicians on the left were accused of their achievements, but were unhappy at what was best left in Norway. I'm glad that he left Cecilia "to go home". Previously, two countries were with Norvegian, professional boxing was prohibited in the world: North Korea and Iraq.

Also, I am happy that a few weeks ago the Norwegian Sports Association (FNI) decided that part of the MMA martial arts and Thai Boxing parties will be part of a martial arts association and, therefore, a sports club. If you have not heard of MMA before, there is a sports camera that allows you to use strokes, shots, and breakage techniques, standing and on the ground. Professionals often have martial arts branches and combine their styles: Karate and Fight, Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu, to name a few. Usually it is not only stroke or fight, you must master both – except exceptions.
It is supported by the Sports Medical Ethics Committee and I totally agree with the head of the Reidun Førde Committee, who said that sport was the main argument.

– It's a bit "nose maintenance" and discourse has good arguments to say, and we have not found it.

Moralism is often the cause of many unnecessary prohibitions and rules in Norway. We prohibit what we like or understand. With MMA professional and Thai boxing still illegal in Norway, there is no reason. In fact, many believe that boxing is safer than MMA, because they have large wrist gloves, and there are more blood and stroke of MMA. Here's an exercise: bind your fist and hit it as hard as you can on the table. Could it not be harder to throw it with a boxing glove? Exactly. The balloon gloves mainly protect bracelets and fists, especially when boxers are harder and often fight against the opponent's head.

Although forbidden, many Italian talent has been made abroad for many years. Many people have to mention, but Joachim Hansen, Dan Evensen and John Olav Einemo have planted today's MMA generations, such as Ole Klemets, Thomas Hansvoll and now Brækhus have also been boxing.

Right now the Frontline Academy can excel with others that make it incredible: Emil Meek has got his mark at the UFC; Kenneth Berg has recently signed up with the organization; Some Norwegian want to fight, and even less understand how horrible this is for Norwegian sports. Fortunately, my politician's colleagues will show MMA professionals and Thai boxing also be legal in Norway. However, I will encourage Jack this weekend, I hope you too.

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