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SAS receives passenger compensation

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On Saturday, 329 SAS flights were canceled, affecting around 34,000 passengers. There are 587 departures on Sunday and 64,000 passengers.

According to, SAS disclaims all claims for passenger compensation, because the strike is outside the company's control.

– Travelers are not called for a delay or cancellation of compensation, which is considered to be an extraordinary circumstance outside the control of the airline control, says SAS's Public Relations Director, Ove Myrold.

The Airhelp Managing Director in Norway, Andreas Hermansson, disagrees.

– If the passenger is hit, we recommend that you request a reboot. If you want to confirm, more than three hours will delay you to the final destination, the company may ask for compensation, said NTB Friday.

Flight strike You have the right to this.

Scandinavian 587 SAS departures are recommended

On Saturday morning, it was clear that 64,000 passengers were hit on Sunday by leaving the 587 SAS Scandinavian outputs.

– We strongly believe that it is possible for us to announce the strike riders that can be permanently postponed and canceled by our customers. Due to a continuous conflict, more departures are suspended on Sunday, SAS writes in a press release.

In addition, SAS writes that the company does everything it can to help its passengers.

– SAS is now working on a solution as quickly as possible so that many clients are damaged.

Around 1500 riders struck in Norway, Sweden and Denmark on Friday. 673 flights were canceled and more than 70,000 passengers a day. On Saturday, 329 departures have been reported to have been canceled.

The Norwegian driver of the SAS riders broke up on Friday night at 6:00 p.m. The rest in Sweden was a few hours before.

Swedish SAS riders called for a proposal they proposed, says the Swedish pilot company for new TT agencies.

The sued message was on Friday at 2:00 p.m. Swedish mediation has been run in parallel with the process in Norway.

Large Costs

Instead of desires, the cab crew and land crew are designed to drive and support those waiting for airports.

Danish Sydbank has estimated SAS's strike costs to be NOK 54 and 73 million.

They are called 545 Norwegian drivers.

Debate on salary demands and toes

Wednesday began mediation in Norway. Then the parties met with Riksmekler.

In addition to the wage demands, there are expectations of conflict watchlists and regular weekends. In addition, according to trade unions, SAS has completed two agreements on career development, seniority and emerging schemes.

The exact condition for higher wages is unknown, according to Dagens Næringsliv. However, the newspaper says SAS sources and employers' associations say between 10% and 15%.

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