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Signs of surgical surgery for psoriatic arthritis


Inger-Line Brath has always been active, and she loved alpine skiing. After traveling downhill at the age of 27 and being a nursing student, both knees swelled a lot.

“I didn’t understand what it was, because I didn’t fall or get hurt in any other way,” he recalls.

– I worked at Diakonhjemmet, and one of the doctors there told me more. I was immediately diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, which is a type of arthritis. Only then did I connect the connection with psoriasis, which I had nine years earlier. Luckily, I didn’t know how much I was going through then.

Sad to have to wait for everyone

The rheumatologist explained that arthritis is a chronic disease that begins with inflammation of the synovial membrane of the joints. Inflammation causes inflammation and pain and can eventually cause damage to articular cartilage and bone tissue.

– In a way, it was reassuring to get a diagnosis that explained why I felt in a bad time. But most of all, Inger Line says the decline was strong.

– I did one operation after another, I spent most of my time on crutches and I felt like a party killer. I couldn’t fill myself with fresh clothes, I couldn’t dance, and everything was heavy. I felt a little fresh compared to my great girlfriends. If we had to go from place to place, I usually had to take a taxi.

In addition to being expensive, he felt uncomfortable having to pay attention to others all the time.

– Sometimes I felt pretty. But despite a lot of things I had to say no to, I had very good and inclusive friends and had a lot of good experiences.

Something only happened when he got into biological medicine.

Eventually, the energy returned and Inger Line no longer felt that it was causing disease. In the past, the flu seemed to be about to explode all the time.

He thought Inger Line should be like that, and blamed the sport on his body pain.

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He refuses to be disabled

Inger Line has performed 45 surgeries on her back, shoulders, hips and legs. The prosthesis has a left knee and a hardened ankle and back. He knows he hasn’t had the last operation, he doesn’t know how many more he needs.

Pain is controlled with Inger Line medication. He has tried different types of arthritis medications and received light therapy.

The sun, salt water and heat are the best medicines for her skin, and she has tried to travel south every winter. Despite both chemotherapy and biological medications, daily habits fluctuate.

– When I’m extra lame, I have to ask for a quieter job, says Inger Line.

He has been working in the emergency department of Ullevål Hospital for many years. He has never received any complaints from colleagues, but sometimes he feels that he is not getting there. He also has far more sick leave than others, and hates being out of work.

Inger Line works 80 per cent in emergencies in Askim, which is a quieter job and 20 per cent in Ullevål.

DISABILITY: Inger Line with her beloved horse, Qallwesto.
DISABILITY: Inger Line with her beloved horse, Qallwesto.
Photo: Private

– I took the path of working life as long as I could. Most people in my situation would probably be on disability benefits, but I hope they can continue to help society, and not just benefit from it, says Inger Line.

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Limitations and longing

Inger Line actively trains horses as a handicapper and shares many good experiences with others in the environment. He needs to move his body to function. It is what keeps the horse physically and mentally, which gives him great motivation.

– Although I may get hurt after training, the alternative is much worse, says Inger Line.

– I need to train to be as soft and strong as possible, and to get good core muscles.

WORKING: Inger Line Askime emergency work.
WORKING: Inger Line working in the emergency room of Askim.
Photo: Private

In addition to horseback riding, Inger Line trains in a hot water pool with the Rheumatism Association, and trains strength and balance, often with sling training, with a manual therapist.

Inger Line often refuses social events with healthy friends. It’s frustrating to take part in a cabin trip when you’re sitting in the cabin alone while the others go for a walk. Inger Line knows that it can be costly to stretch the jersey too much, and it doesn’t want to sue fate more than it should. And since Inger Line refuses to be depressed, she prefers social environments like this.

– With my bad knees it’s impossible to put on an alpine, and I admit I miss it, says Inger Line.

– The disease has chosen not to create my family, which makes me feel painful when friends have children. But I think it was the right choice.

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He is on a high-risk team

When Covid-19 arrived in Norway, Inger Line chose to stop using cytotoxic drugs and biological drugs.

They are drugs that suppress the immune system, and Inger Line feared they would be more easily infected.

“But it was almost like choosing between plague and cholera,” he says.

– I became so hard, I barely got out of bed, and my quality of life dropped a lot. After consulting with the doctors, I chose to start with the medication again, and I had to be very careful with hygiene. I have received good follow-up from a rheumatologist at Diakonhjemmet every year.

Working in emergencies, he may encounter infected people who come for completely different reasons.

They have set up a barracks in the Askim Emergency Room where everyone with respiratory infections can be tested. Colleagues at Inger Line, who are not in risk groups, are adept at picking up and taking on a set of infectious patients.

– Although I am grateful for the attention, I feel burdened by colleagues and it’s not a good feeling, says Inger Line.

– When I was diagnosed, I had two options: deepen myself or focus on something other than the disease, he says.

– I have felt failure when dreams are broken, but I have chosen not to let the negative develop. It’s better to use energy in positive things, such as the goal of becoming a nurse after studying anesthesia, as I’ve always dreamed of. Because I like action and change, I fit in better as an emergency anesthesia nurse than as an emergency nurse, she says.

– The worst I know are people lying under a duvet and screaming.

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